“Doctor Chalermchai” pointed out that the new strain of virus “Omicron” is spreading faster than expected.

“Doctor Chalermchai” pointed out that the new strain of Omicron virus is faster than expected. Infected in 4 European countries. Worries may return to a new wave of outbreaks.

Today (29 Nov. 21), Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan, Vice-President of the Senate Public Health Commission, posted a personal blockdit, “One hundred and eight thousand nine with Dr. Chalermchai”, stating that Faster than you think!! Omicron new virus Has spread in 4 European countries, namely England, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

from the COVID-19 situation found a new strain of mutant virus named Omicron, the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

by the World Health Organization has moved from a virus that must be monitored (VUM: Variant Under Monitoring), which is a level 3 severity

Up to a worrisome virus (VOC: Variant Of Concern) or severity level 1.

For the reason that this new virus There is a change in the spike (Spike) clearly, which may affect. This makes it easier to infect and spread more quickly.

May cause more serious illnesses And more importantly, it may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Including ATK or PCR diagnosis may be less accurate.

about this Omicron virus has had a widespread impact around the world. until the government of many countries has issued a restriction It is forbidden for citizens of 7-10 southern African countries to enter their own country.

Initially, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel, which have already announced the ban.

And now, more countries have announced bans, including Thailand, Canada, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

And there is still news of progress that Israel may close the country for two full weeks.

Including 3 other European countries waiting to confirm whether the infected person found is new or not: Austria, the Czech Republic. and the Netherlands

From the above information It can be concluded that Novel virus or omicron It is a coronavirus that originated in South Africa and Botswana and has spread to 10 other countries in the southern African region.

Subsequently, the epidemic spread rapidly. to Europe and Asia

which is expected to spread further Because when going back to check the first infected person

Found since November 9, 2021, but has just been confirmed. with clear information two weeks later.

Therefore, it is expected that there may be an infection with the Omicron virus. Has traveled to countries around the world in the past two weeks.

It is hoped that the mutation in the spiny part of this virus will make the epidemic, violence and vaccine resistance less severe.

Because if there is a severe change or a very resistant vaccine. situation of humanity may return to another wave of outbreaks At the younger level of the outbreak, it is the same as it was two years ago.

Information from Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan

picture from reuters


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