Doctor insists that ‘lung cancer’ can be cured. Must hurry to screen and manage it Before you know it again, stage 4

Doctor insists that ‘lung cancer’ can be cured. Must hurry to screen and manage it Before you know it again, stage 4

On July 2nd, at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th floor, Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center, Matichon Public Company Limited or Matichon Group joins forces with leading alliances. including 14 public and private hospitals, agencies under the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), as well as the private sector Organized the Health Care 2022 Health Fair under the theme ‘Healthcare 2022 The Universe for the Elderly’, reinforcing the strength of the leader of the No. 1 health fair in Thailand for the 14th consecutive year, from 30 June to 3 July.

Journalists report the atmosphere at 2:45 p.m. at the center stage. There is a lecture on the topic. “Silent Matchura: Lung Cancer: A Dangerous Threat That Can Be Treated” by Dr. Sansak Likhitpongwit pulmonary pathologist Assistant Director of Medical and Nursing, Ban Phaeo Hospital, gave a point of view. among the elderly, especially males Attend the lecture from start to finish.

Dr. Sansak said about breast cancer. Currently, there is a technology to detect memograms. make diagnosis faster Give the drug to the target make the patient much better Especially 5 years survival, but the lung cancer is inside. I can’t feel it. Maybe we’ve never had a lung X-ray. I know again that I have chronic cough, which is often a level 4 patient. We have AI technology to screen for free in 3 minutes at this event. You can register at the event page.

  • When asked about the statistics of lung cancer patients?

Dr. Sansak revealed that What is known quickly is good. like covid-19 In the past, there was no ATK and only had to go for RT-PCR testing to know. The best thing is to screen first. to maintain the right spot Invite you to come for lung cancer screening. If you find out early, go see a doctor for more diagnosis.

“The most common cancer statistics in Thailand is lung cancer. In men, it ranks second, and women ranks fifth. That is, in a population of 100,000, men have a chance of getting lung cancer up to 23 people per 100,000 population, while women are about 10 people per 100,000. person

in the matter of violence when we say Does one patient have cancer and be cured? Looking at the 5-year period of breast cancer, it was estimated in 1977 that the 5-year survival rate for women with breast cancer was 75%. Since 2000, treatment has been good. climb This gives a 91 percent chance of survival. In 2014, in lung cancer, survival was slow to develop. Why is lung cancer late? because inside Accessing the screen is quite difficult. I know it’s a chronic cough already.

“There are 2 types of lung cancer: 1. Small cell type, which can be found in 10-25 percent and 2. Non-small cell type. different from that small cells are inoperable Patients have a tendency to die quickly, which in 3 months after encountering them may be dead. The non-small cell types tend to spread more slowly. and easier to treat with surgery

“In the first stage 1-2 can live with the family for up to 5 years, the last stage, the rate is as high as 92 percent, curable if known early. If a small cell poor prognosis therefore unable to operate and be cured If found when the cells are still small,” said Dr. Sansak.

Dr. Sansak further said that in cancer screening According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three types that are recommended:

1. Cervical cancer Screening with PAP Smear method
2. Breast cancer by mammogram (mammogram)
3. Colon cancer with a test for latent blood in the stool and a colonoscope

All three types of cancer are cancers that have scientific evidence that they can reduce the incidence and mortality from the disease.

part “lung cancer” Low-dose CT (LDCT) screening can reduce mortality from lung cancer by 15-20 percent. Sometimes an x-ray can’t see a mass because it’s a 2D image and doesn’t see depth. Sometimes thorns have emerged, which is usually a computed tomography. Patients will be exposed to less radiation.

Dr. Sansak also mentioned The cause of lung cancer in Thailand is that 80-90% of foreign countries are caused by smoking. In which smokers are 8-20 times more likely than non-smokers. A person who smokes a lot and years The risks are getting higher and higher.

“Even if quitting, there is still a 2.5 times risk. More importantly, hurting family members, such as people in the family who never smoked. But my wife has lung cancer. because the husband smokes, etc.

electronic cigarette part Some patients will develop acute symptoms, white melasma, like those with coronavirus. because of e-cigarettes Some people at her husband’s house don’t smoke. Can’t find the cause But some people are caused by the environment. Air pollution, like China, has a lot of these patients as well, including those with ‘wan lung disease’ that are the cause.”

  • Ask about the symptoms of lung cancer patients?

Dr. Sansak pointed out that Most of the symptoms are stage 3-4, such as coughing, weight loss, tiredness, coughing up blood, chest pain from fluid in the lungs, or hoarseness.

As for the stage of lung cancer, there are 4 main stages. If found early, surgery can be performed. The doctor will inject the dye into the veins. make the doctor separate where is literature or lung cancer If cells are further diffused It is quite clear that have lung cancer if we know the answer The doctor will continue to send information. then check more Estimate the distance of the world Give the patient a chance, if the cloth can be cut, have surgery. If you can’t cut it, you may have to do chemo, which stage 3 requires chemotherapy. Heavier distances require light irradiation. The first stage has a 92% chance of survival. The 4th stage has a 10% chance of survival in 5 years.

  • Ask about the statistics of lung cancer patients in Thailand?

Dr. Sansak stated that Mostly at the end because x-rays are difficult to reach which in the event, there is a free examination service as well, just 3 minutes with innovative AI

First, for example, an early stage NSCLC patient who is a patient on a computerized tomography. suspected of having lung cancer therefore gave the doctor an endoscopy and cut out a piece of meat for examination It turned out to be lung cancer. Then ask the oncologist to study the type of cancer. and pass it on to evaluate whether or not to cut some of them which this patient with emphysema

“After surgery confirmed that it is a small cell but has not been to the lymph nodes for a period of 1 year (in the first stage), the treatment ends at surgery No need for radiation, chemotherapy, survival rate is 68%, which I followed for 1 year. The patient is still healthy, even at the age of 75. That’s why it’s important to get tested,” said Dr. Sansak.

before pointing to the statistics Lung cancer in Thailand With 47 new cases per day, or 17,222 per year, patients diagnosed in stage I were six times more likely to survive five years than those diagnosed in stage IV.

Dr. Sansak concluded that If we have a relative or someone with lung cancer. and come to know the end Access to services is quite difficult. There are not many doctors. It has to be a big hospital.

“If possible We should x-ray the lungs to know in the early stages. which may find other opinions as well if we are wrong Then go to the x-ray again at the hospital. Don’t be afraid, some people find small spots. It might not be cancer,” said Dr. Sansak.

Let’s build an aging society to be strong and happy together in ‘Healthcare 2022 The Universe for the Elderly’ by Matichon Group. Until tomorrow (July 3), you can enter the event from 10.30 – 20.00 at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th floor, Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Center.

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