“Doctor Manoon” updates epidemiological information, knowing what “viral disease” spreads?

On December 5, 2022 “Doctor Manoon” Dr Manoon Leechawengwong, specialist in respiratory diseases Vichaiyut Hospital Post a message via Facebook, Doctor Manoon Lee Chaweng Wong FC, stating that

follow-up on epidemiological data Be aware of which viral diseases are spreading

In November 2022, information from Vichaiyut Hospital tracking respiratory infections caused by the virusCOVID-19 virusflu RSV (RSV) and human metapneumovirus (hMPV)

Last month, a person infected with the COVID-19 virus was found. From both ATK and RT-PCR tests, 1,536 cases were in progress for 2 consecutive months (see chart).

become infectedinfluenza virusLast month, there were 34 cases in decline (see graph), 23 cases of RSV respiratory virus were in decline (see graph), and five cases of hMPV human metapneumovirus respiratory virus.

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meet Dengue fever Caused by dengue virus increased to 56 cases (see graph) Chikungunya disease detected. or fever, joint pain, mosquitoes, 5 cases

Noro and Rota viruses cause severe diarrhea in children and adults. Last month, there were 8 cases of norovirus and 6 cases of rotavirus.

virus epidemic situationCOVID-19 Omicron is in constant progress. Although influenza and RSV viruses have declined, dengue fever transmitted by mosquito bites is now on the rise.

Wearing a hygienic mask, spacing out and washing hands regularly. Help prevent infection and spread of all types of respiratory viruses.

ask everyone to get upVaccine for covidat least 3 doses, followed by an additional booster dose 4 months after the last dose Especially those who are not naturally infected with the COVID virus. For people who have had 3-4 injections of the vaccine and are naturally infected Let’s wait for the new vaccination next year. And everyone should get the flu vaccine once a year.

What will December be like? Stay tuned for next month’s report.

Source: Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong FC


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