Doctor Manop pointed out that lockdown is a solution after the number of coronavirus patients has soared.

Doctor Manop pointed out that the lockdown is the solution to the current coronavirus epidemic. After the number of patients continued to rise

Prof. Dr. Manop Pitakpakorn, Head of Precision Medical Research Center Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Has come out to post a message via Facebook about the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 which at the moment continues to be a crisis and the number of infected people is increasing

The message reads, “After 10 days of epidemic containment measures. I believe that everyone would be able to tell if it was successful or not. The number of new cases continues to rise, in line with the Delta variant outbreak that followed several previous countries. It is expected that within this month this species should replace the Alpha variant as the country’s main breed. After occupying Bangkok within the first half month

Lessons from the UK During the initial market share consumption of the Delta variant, the number of new infections increased by roughly three times the baseline. Our house also came to this point, from 2-3 thousand people to 6,500 people yesterday. (Although it’s a bit under-true, given the positive rate that we’re testing too little), if we look at the British outbreak pattern, we’ll see that after the Delta variant has taken over the territory. The number of new infections has also risen 3-4 times without further measures.

Intensive Care Information How many ICU patients are increasing? The numbers presented by the media are probably the same. Yesterday we had the 12th most critically ill patients in the world, even mobilizing to build a real hospital, provide beds, build ventilators, oxygen, medical equipment overnight. We cannot add more personnel.

Another option to contain the outbreak Whether it’s mobilizing immunity through vaccines, Bangkok and many provinces are at risk of having enough vaccinations. But with the effectiveness of the vaccine duration of stimulation Including the number of people who have received the vaccine is not enough. We can’t expect results from it.

Examination has limitations. Weekly total check numbers The latest edition of the Department of Science has not yet been released. But if you look at the data of the Prof. in the table, we can detect infected people very low. Bangkok and Bangkok can test only 3,000 people per day and have a shockingly high positive rate. Searching for patients and It is almost impossible to isolate the disease.

When the above two options are not possible The last remaining way to stop the outbreak is full lockdown.

The Commander-in-Chief said that doing full lockdown in April last year The state has spent up to 300 billion baht per month. This money can increase the capacity of infection testing, improve the surveillance system for outbreaks, increase the potential of the hospital system, buy high-performance vaccines. Plan the procurement and distribution quickly. and the quantity is more than enough for the whole country And we have time to prepare for up to 1 year.

Maybe … we as citizens The whole event should be used as a lesson. How can we let the situation get to this point?”


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