“Doctor Ong” hit back “Srisuwan” shouted, fell, far-fetched, false

“Dr. Ong” Padipat Santipada, the Phitsanulok MP candidate, beat back, “Srisuwan” cried out for the dissolution of the Kao Klai Party. falsely accuse the campaign institute Note who accepts the child or not disclose, which requires waiting to see the rhetoric.

On March 21, 2023, Mr Padipat Santipada, provisional candidate for Phitsanulok District 1, Kao Klai Party, responded to the case that Srisuwan Janya had submitted a petition to the Election Commission (ECT) to investigate himself and that already Accused of the campaign speech referring to the monarchy which is punishable by the dissolution of the party stating that the events that happened that day He was invited by the Phitsanulok Civic Training Club. which is an organization that promotes the political participation of the people of Phitsanulok and gives the citizens of Phitsanulok the opportunity to ask questions and talk to candidates from different political parties, by being the first person invited to attend the event. Questions were asked regarding: 1) problems that should be tackled urgently; Based on my experience as an MP, 2) what is the policy that will make Phitsanulok more prosperous and 3) what is the policy on decentralization and preventing corruption?

who is in such work People from all groups were invited to listen to the vision. One of the groups invited to take part in the questioning was the group from Naengnoi Asavakittikorn, leader of the Legal Support Center for Online Harassment (NCSC), who played a role in prosecuting people across the country with section 112 through the time

After the main question-based policy discussions had ended, there was an opportunity for the public to ask questions. in which part of the tension was less he went on to say that the organizers were supposed to trick him into listening to the campaign before taking an angry stand He asked him a question why he had to go on bail for a person accused of Section 112 and why he had to have a policy to amend Section 112, in which he answered this question divided into 3 issues:

1) bail for political accusers made to confirm the rule of law that provided the court does not have a final verdict It must first be assumed that the person accused is innocent. and not having the right to bail is a flaw in the justice process and with a political cause something that many people see cannot be wrong So, the more you have the right to be released on bail to fight the cause is fair.

2) He explained the Progressive Party’s position towards Article 112 and how there were problems in the text and its enforcement.

3) Budgetary problems related to the monarchy and royal projects That has gradually increased over the last few years. and also difficult to verify He explained that this is the budget used by different agencies. not his personal expenses Therefore, it should be audited to ensure transparency. Especially in projects where the word Royal Enterprise is used. and many projects found it to be an unreasonable use of the budget If it is not examined, it will be a source of corruption from different agencies.

“I affirm my innocence. And confirm that a campaign is not all that has been said and not even on the agenda of the event But arising from Q&A outside the round It is an agenda that is happening. The stinginess and the right wingers who want to destroy the Democratic Movement and the Progressive Party. who passed on to people like Srisuwan who has not been a trusted person in the society for a long time, brought him to continue,” said Padipat…

Mr. said Padipat that what is worth noting is the submission of Srisuwan’s petition to adopt children from Naengnoi this time. Are there any hidden benefits? Whether from now on he will wait to see the rhetoric from the Electoral Commission and if it is found to be a fake petition He will sue Srisuwan and Naengnoi, of course, because this is not a normal criticism But he is deliberately creating a burden legal on Plaid Kao Pell is unnecessary and also accuses of things that Plaid Kao Pell has not done. Considered a detriment to the Progressive Party and to themselves, what will be the prosecution measures? Or will he proceed to sue back or not? The party will reconsider after receiving the rhetoric.

Padipat also said that Mr. Filing a petition to try to lead to the dissolution of the Progressive Party is not a new event. But it has happened many times with absurd accusations. Which Kao Klai Party is ready to fight and enter the election So there is nothing to worry about in this case.

Finally, he demanded that the Electoral Commission, as the Electoral Commission is already claimed as an independent institution, Opinion when receiving applications, pointing information, appointing an examination committee Until the case is presented to the Constitutional Court it must be held in impartial not to act as a tool to attack the opponents of the government if the Electoral Commission can prove itself on this point People will also have more confidence in the fairness of this election.


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