Doctor Ong to Reveal Actual Budget for Singapore Work in Tomorrow’s Statement

Doctor Ong is scheduled to make an important announcement tomorrow at 9:00 am, where he will reveal the actual budget for upcoming work in Singapore.

On September 19, Mr. Padipat Santipada, the 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Phitsanulok MP from the Progressive Party, took to Twitter to address the curiosity surrounding his visits to Singapore. He questioned why so many people are insistent on him wanting to “visit” Singapore and clarified that both his visits were for educational and leisure purposes, exploring the country until there was nothing else left to discover.

Tomorrow, in the House of Representatives, at 10:30 am, Doctor Ong will disclose the details of his working visit to Singapore and the precise budget utilized for it. He also welcomed any questions from the public regarding the visit. Under the hashtag #TransparentCouncil, transparency and openness are emphasized.

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Doctor Ong has an appointment to make a statement tomorrow at 9:00 am and reveal the actual budget to see work in Singapore.

On 19 September, Mr Padipat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Phitsanulok MP, Progressive Party, posted an explanation for visiting Singapore via X (Twitter) with a message stating that many peopleWhy do you insist on wanting to “visit” Singapore so much?

Both went to study and travel alone until there was nothing else to travel to.

Tomorrow I will announce the details of the working visit and the actual budget used at 10:30 am in the House of Representatives. What questions do you have?

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