“Doctor Plai” hints at the lucky number for this draw 1/6/65 before going to ordain for a year

Date 31 May 2022 Physician Prai whisper or Ms. Nawaracha Pinitrokakorn, speaking to the media before the Brahmapho ordination ceremony by traveling to Sri Lanka to be ordained as a nun for 1 year on June 7

In this interview The late doctor has revealed the prophecy. that there will be quite a lot of changes Both in terms of politics, economy, entertainment industry, but next year will not be as heavy as last year. and mentioned Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the latest Bangkok Governor, that he would like the Governor of Chatchart to pay homage to Phra Siam Thevathirat and the Emerald Buddha to make the obstacles lighter, with the desire for the governor to stay and seeing political changes

while tomorrow (1 June 2022) is the day of the awardgovernment lottery Therefore, there was a question aboutlucky number The late doctor said “This one might not be able to get crowded (laughs), but I think the number is about the end. It should have been (smiles). The ceremony was held at home yesterday. Whoever wants to see it can look at the house number (laughs).”

The sorcerer performed the ceremony at his house on May 30, 2022 at the house number 113