Doctor San reveals the true violence information “Omicron”

This research was done withOmicron infected patientsstandingExamination with SGTF technique (S gene target failure) was performed only on 52,297 patients who came to the hospital. The results were as follows:

The total number of patients was 52,297. If counting only those who were followed for at least 5.5 days, a total of 288,534 days were found.

88 patients were admitted to the hospital (0.48%).

Requires ventilator 0 people (0%)

In the end there was one death (0.09%).

The spread of infection and severity was evenly distributed among all age groups. It is not true that children are more sick and will die more.

The study also compared 16,982 delta infections that came to the same hospital group during the same period.

Total patients, total 16,982 people.

222 people were admitted to hospital (1.3%)

11 were put on a breathing apparatus (0.06%).

In the end, 14 people (0.8%) died.

Please notice thatOmicron mortality is 0.09%. is lowerDelta’s death rate, which is 0.8%. 9 times different

I am sharing this research story for information as a supplement to everyone involved in disease management planning. Including all fan bloggers who have a duty to manage their health as well. so that we don’t do too much or too risky or too expensive to protect ourselves fromDiseases with a mortality rate of less than 0.1% Or in other words, near the center by abandoning attention to other recurring diseases with higher mortality rates such asAcute myocardial infarction has a mortality rate of 30%. Influenza has a mortality rate of 0.13-0.17%. etc”




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