Doctor Siriraj pointed out that it’s really infected with covids, 50,000 a day, the bed is not enough. urge the state to tell the truth to the people

“Dr. Nithipat” issued a warning about the situation of COVID-19 tension began to return Points to be infected with covids, 50,000 a day, beds are not enough The government has to tell the truth to the people now.

Yesterday (July 4) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nithipat Jearakul, Head of the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Tuberculosis Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University has posted a warning message via Facebook Nithipat Jearakul stated that

“We have to come out and warn each other loudly that the current covid situation has escalated again. Everyone and all parties have to help support the overall picture so that it doesn’t go back down again. Then wait to encourage the disease to adjust itself in the next 2-3 weeks. in order to join forward in pushing forward the country that is frail

The situation at Baan Rim Nam has been tense for over a week now. The number of COVID patients who need to be hospitalized is increasing. both the minority who are directly sick from covid And most of them are sick from other diseases but are also infected with covids. until causing a number of front line personnel for covid work had to come back to work harder than twice and have to run around to reduce the number of residual patients waiting to be admitted in the hospital This condition is happening in many big hospitals in Bangkok. and other provinces Contrary to the daily numbers that say there are still many beds available for coronavirus patients. That number is just a frame of the number of beds that can be expanded under conditions. But the one that is actually in use now is starting to taste good or not? The expandable framework has been applied to almost nonexistent non-COVID patients.

from the known information Number of infected and real patients at the end of last week Probably around fifty thousand people a day Unlike the daily numbers we see in the report. In addition, there is a phenomenon of peak fall at the beginning of the week such as today’s picture. This is a result of the infection detection and reporting system during the holidays. As for the number of severely ill patients, the increase from 600 came to a stop at 700, as shown in the other figure. It is a result of the reporting system that will have a lot of running in. not consistent every day

Today is the last day of the original form of reimbursement for COVID-19 medical examinations to transition into the normal form of the basic health system. Call it part of the progression towards endemic disease. that have been prepared to support each other a long time ago When coupled with the outbreak situation that erupted again. Although not as strong as half of the previous Omicron peak. But the cost of the country in absorbing our problems is completely depleted. both budget and personnel If you do not exert yourself, help to slow down and control the outbreak to be at hand. May see more severe cases remain in the community and the number of deaths increases. and will definitely avoid a new drama

It’s time for the government to tell the truth. and came out to warn people to be prepared It’s not just waiting to end up in order to unmask or increase risky social activities on one side.

#Covid is not over yet. Don’t rush to take off the mask.

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