“Doctor Thira” opens the latest information on Long COVID in children. Take good care of your children.

…update Long COVID in children

Funk AL and faculty from 8 countries around the world A follow-up study was conducted on Long COVID in infected pediatric patients.Covid-19 Number of 1,884 people

in Canada, USA, Italy, Singapore, Argentina, Australia, Georgia and New Zealand.

Published in the international medical journal JAMA Network Open yesterday, July 22, 2022.

The key points reported are

Overall, 5..8% of children infected with COVID-19 suffer from long-term COVID-19 (4.8%-7.0% confidence interval).

But if infected, must be hospitalized. There will be an increased likelihood of a Long COVID problem to 9.8% (Confidence interval from 7.4%-13.0%).

However, if infected but minor symptoms without requiring hospital care There will be a 4.6% chance of a Long COVID (Confidence Interval from 3.6%-5.8%).

Factors that increase the risk of long-term COVID include: Illness requiring hospitalization for 48 hours or more, having 4 or more symptoms, and aged 14 years and over.

The results of this research Help us better understand the nature of long COVID in children.

Although the likelihood of long-term COVID is less than the percentage of adults compared to adults But if you look at the actual situation where there are many infected children when considering the number of children who will suffer long-term disorders there will be a lot

Long-term COVID affects the body and the mind of the child deteriorate quality of life including the performance of children’s living and studying

Parents, guardians and teachers must help take care of the children. to be safe from infection amid the ongoing epidemic situation in the country

Be sure to notice any abnormalities. and promptly examined

Get your kids vaccinated to reduce the risk of severe illness, death, and reduce the risk of long-term COVID-19.

Adjust the environment in the home and school to have good ventilation.

and teach children the knowledge and skills to take care of themselves regularly Reduce the risk of spreading infection

Above all, wearing a mask correctly is key to reducing your risk to a large extent.

Not infected is the best…


Funk AL et al. Post–COVID-19 Conditions Among Children 90 Days After SARS-CoV-2 Infection. JAMA Network Open. 22 July 2022.

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