Doctor warned! sweeteners in drinks Risk of heart attack, paralysis

Professor Dr. Theerawat Hemachutha (Mr. Theerawat), Director of the Center for Emerging Diseases Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Facebook Post Chulalongkorn University Thiravat Hemachudha note that

sweeteners in drinks A sugar-free diet increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, reported in the journal Nature February 27, 2023. This is a continuation of work since the discovery of the relationship between gut microbiota and inflammation. and atherosclerosis reported in the journal New England and Nature in 2013, and began to find a clear relationship between polyols.

A 2023 study found that erythritol increases the sensitivity of platelets, increasing the risk of clots. The study began with untargeted metabolomics in 1157 people who assessed the risk of coronary artery disease (discovery cohort) by undergoing coronary catheterization. Polyol levels, particularly erythritol, were found to be associated with increased heart disease and stroke after three years of follow-up.

A subsequent study specifically targeted the metabolomics of 2149 Americans and 833 Europeans (validation cohort) who assessed the risk of heart disease. The severity and follow-up data were available several years earlier. There was a clear link between erythritol levels and increased risk.

(adjusted hazard ratio fourth versus first quartile (95% confidence interval), 1.80 (1.18–2.77) and 2.21 (1.20–4.07), respectively).

Platelet function tests showed increased activation in vitro and increased atherosclerosis in rats. A specific follow-up study in which eight volunteers ingested 30 grams of erythritol in regular doses either in a drink or in keto ice cream found elevated blood levels that lasted until two days later. However, there may be a causal relationship to be cleared up in the near future.

Monk fruit, Lo Hang Guo, Strevia Stevia is 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar, and erythritol can be added in various products to make it more convenient to use.