Doctor Yong pointed out that the RSV virus can become sick again. No drug treatment is found in kindergarten children.

“Professor Yong” pointed out that the RSV virus has been found to be very severe in children over 5 years old and can get sick again There is no cure yet Can only treat the symptoms

Prof. Yongphu Worawan, Head of the Center for Specialization in Virology Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University In posting on the current outbreak of the RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) virus, Facebook said the RSV virus is still found to be highly prevalent in young children under the age of 5. This year was all RSV-A, unlike last year. Both strains A and B were found. The subspecies of A was found to be ON1. Patients with this infection were able to become infected again. are This year has another chance

The outbreak began to take place after full classes were opened. It is most common in kindergarten children. From September to the present The outlook of the disease has not decreased. In comparison with every year This year there will be an epidemic more slowly.

The main symptoms are fever and respiratory symptoms in children. With many symptoms, there will be inflammation of the bronchi. Causes rapid breathing or panting in young children less than 1 year may also have pneumonia. This disease has no cure. Will heal according to the symptoms and heal by yourself There is currently no vaccine to prevent.

The best prevention is hygiene in young children, hand washing and wearing face masks for older children and adults is imperative because it can occur at all ages. But in young children it has many symptoms Everyone takes care of themselves to prevent the spread of germs to young children.

Most infections occur in kindergartens. Children who are sick or unwell related to respiratory diseases Should not go to a combined kindergarten. Take care of hygiene A place that is well ventilated Clean toy appliances regularly. If there is an outbreak Or there are many patients The class should be closed.

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