Doctor’s license withheld until innocence is confirmed…

Former Minister of Justice Cho Kook closed the congratulations on his daughter Min’s acceptance of the national time in the comments on the night of the 15th. [사진 조 전 장관 페이스북]

As Cho Min, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, is known to have passed the doctor’s state examination despite the recent qualification controversy, a move is being made to prevent a similar situation from recurring in the political world.

On the 22nd, Rep. Cho Min-hee Cho, a member of the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee, proposed a partial amendment to the Medical Act that allows the Minister of Health and Welfare to withhold the issuance of the license if the investigative agency confirms that the person receiving the doctor’s license does not meet the relevant requirements in a legitimate way. He said he plans to make an initiative. This is a method of withholding the issuance of a license until the innocence is confirmed if it is revealed in the course of an investigation that fraudulent methods have been used to qualify for doctor qualification.

Representative Cho said, “Under current law, a person who intends to become a doctor, etc. must graduate from medical school or medical school and pass the national examination and then obtain a license from the Minister of Health and Welfare.” There is no separate regulation regarding the case of dispute,” he said.

“Under the National Health Insurance Act, the so-called’office hospital’ opened and operated by a person who is not eligible to open a medical institution is withheld payment of medical care benefits based on the results of investigations by the investigating agency.” If the allegations are confirmed as a result of the investigation, the issuance of the license should be withheld even for the protection of public health,” he stressed.

The Seoul Central District Court judged that the documents that Cho submitted for admission to the Pusan ​​National University School of Medicine were manipulated last month in the first trial of Cho’s wife, Professor Chung Gyeong-shim of Dongyang University. In particular, Mr. Cho was also seen as an accomplice on this charge. However, Pusan ​​National University has postponed the judgment, saying, “I will deliberate on whether to cancel admission after the Supreme Court decision.

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