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“Doctor Suprakit” revealed that “herpes – chickenpox – shingles” is a group of viral diseases in the same family. Smallpox is different from chickenpox. Observe the appearance of the blisters that occur. While Thailand has never had chickenpox. But there are risks like all over the world. The reasons for opening more countries are also at risk.

Dr. Suprakit Jiraratwattana operating doctor Institute of Dermatology It was revealed that herpes, chickenpox and shingles are a group of diseases caused by the same family of viruses. will be the original area Most of them are on the lips, genitals, coccyx. Patients may be recurring. especially when the body is weak, sleep deprived, stressed because when the disease is cured But the infection is still embedded in the nerves. When the body is weak, it will be stimulated to emerge. Most of them are in the same area. not spread throughout the body Most will heal on their own within 7-15 days if there are no complications. and no symptoms of fever, but monkey pox will have a fever before And enlarged lymph nodes for about 1-3 days, then the rash will begin and will be on the face, arms, legs, while chickenpox, symptoms of the disease will be both body and fever before as well. Then began to develop rashes and blisters.

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The difference from smallpox is “chickenpox”. When there is a blister rash, soon within 12 hours from the red blister, it will turn into a clear blister. The blister can change quickly. And in the same person, the lesion will have many stages at the same time, including red rash, blisters, and pustules mixed at the same time. But monkey pox changes the condition of the lesion will change at the same time throughout the body, for example, during the blister, it will be the whole body. or the pustules will be the whole body Each phase takes longer to transform, about 1-2 days, and another point is different. chickenpox with fever but no enlarged lymph nodes Unlike smallpox, monkeys have enlarged lymph nodes. which is the point used for differential diagnosis

Both herpes, chickenpox and monkeypox. It can be transmitted from person to person by touch. unprotected sex Use items with people with infectious disease lesions. But monkeypox can also be transmitted through droplets from the upper respiratory tract. By coughing and sneezing during symptoms since the onset of fever, at a distance of 3 feet or 1 meter, and can be transmitted by eating imported meat infected with smallpox without undercooking. or the cook comes in contact with infected meat Therefore, be careful in bringing wild animals without going through quarantine checkpoints.

Dr. Suprakit said that Thailand has never seen monkey pox before. The Pox Virus family includes cowpox, smallpox, and monkeypox. Symptoms are similar. The most severe one is smallpox. People have been spreading around the world since 1917. Year 1946 epidemic in Thailand. leading to vaccination all over the country And finally eliminated in 1980, the World Health Organization announced it was able to get rid of smallpox. leading to the abolition of smallpox cultivation The severity of monkeypox compared to the mortality rate was lower than that of smallpox. During the epidemic, the mortality rate was as high as 30%, but monkeypox mortality in countries with good health care systems was 3-6%.

For countries with poor health care systems The mortality rate is 6-10%, but still considered a fairly high proportion. However, monkey pox can heal on its own in 2-4 weeks without complications. Complications of the disease are encephalitis, pneumonia, and sepsis. or a duplicate bacterial infection on the wound This is the reason for the high mortality rate.

Dr Suprakit also said that The risk in Thailand of monkeypox is found. Enabling a country to have free travel is a risk in every country, not just Thailand. And because the incubation period of the disease is up to 21 days after infection, it may not show symptoms and when entering any country. it is possible to meet

One concern is that the disease may create a public health burden. If an outbreak occurs due to the incubation period of up to 21 days, if it is necessary to quarantine, it must be quarantined for a long time. But governments and agencies in every country, including our home, have prevention and investigation of the disease. especially in countries that are at risk If we know as soon There are good control measures, social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, screening for high-risk groups. will be able to control

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