Doctors say RSV continues to spread Revealing that adults can be infected, often without being aware of it, and then pass the infection on to children.

Dr Jirut Chomchoey, a pediatrician who specializes in respiratory diseases, revealed that the RSV epidemic is still spreading heavily. Part of the child’s symptoms are serious due to a bacterial infection such as IPD, and adults can also be infected and often don’t know it. and passing the infection to the child

Today (September 20) Facebook “Jiraruj Praise” or Dr. Jiraruj Chomchoey, a pediatrician who specializes in respiratory diseases. Pediatrics Maharaj Hospital Nakhon Ratchasima Posted a message about the RSV epidemic, revealing that the epidemic is still heavy By noting the message “RSV infected with IPD >> As expected, RSV is still spreading heavily. Many from public-private hospitals, ICU beds are full, children are coming together. A few days ago I said that RSV infection is part of the children who have severe symptoms because they are infected with bacteria like IPD. You should be careful It’s not too late He’s 1 month old Got RSV from the oldest Respiratory failure Abnormal lung X-ray The result of the sputum culture test showed the infection Streptococcus pneumoniae, or IPD, is already young. too re-infection So far, he is still on a ventilator in the ICU, doing better after receiving antibiotics that accompany the infection.

For doctors, this type of recurrent infection should be thought of. If the child has severe symptoms Especially at very young ages, such as under one year of age, a CXR is more abnormal than the normal viral picture, especially if CBC/CRP is in. Don’t delay getting treated with comprehensive antibiotics against the infection. to not spread until septic shock and other complications (very heavy

For the general public >> IPD is a common bacterial pathogen. Especially in children younger than 2 years who live or touch sick children who come from nurseries or schools. And this virus has a vaccine to prevent it – reduce the severity. which has been used for ten years Can be injected from 2 months of age or more (this case is not in time because it has been infected for 1 month)

But the injection vaccine Not the first needle, it will stop immediately. There must be at least 2 injections of stimulation, such as 2 months, 4 months and 6 months, so even if you only get the first dose after 2 months, it may not be enough to stop it . The IPD vaccine is a vaccine outside the EPI program and must be administered by self-funding. This is the problem of this country. (Not enough budget…not enough budget, hey)

So the first 6 months of life Helping to bring up children in a closed system is to be careful about being touched by people around you, children around you, such as the eldest child, children of relatives who often visit grandchildren newborn. (Some people know that their child is sick. Or just recovered from illness, still coughing, still bringing me to visit my nephew… In the end, the little nephew is infected , is it worth it?)

Now it is called “RSV is peaking” The story should end on the 2nd week of October. (Naturally), so “prevent” the same way: wear a mask, wash your hands, refrain from visiting newborn babies during this time. Sick children separated in a hurry, do not let them touch. enough to help them survive. In this day and age, germs are really wild Also society has changed. However, be safe everyone.

He also posted, “Adult RSV is addictive and often unconscious. and passing the infection on to the child This case is another example. My father has chronic allergic rhinitis. I haven’t had symptoms for a long time, suddenly I had a lot of clear mucus. more coughing allergy-like symptoms So I don’t think it’s right. But his wife forced him to come for a check. because he looks at her husband’s condition more than he had in the past In addition, you have to take care of your 1 month old baby. Let’s get it The test results are as shown in the picture. I found a strong rsv virus for less than 5 minutes. Here, I am excited that my 1 month old baby will pass this period or not During the epidemic If you have a runny nose, cough, sore throat, whatever. He should wear a mask Use hand sanitizer often especially if you have to touch small children Avoid touching your face or picking your nose with your hands, as you may be the one spreading the infection to young children. has a chance of being rsv and the symptoms can be severe…

in the elderly Especially those over 60 must be careful if it is possible that an rsv infection has serious symptoms. Until you get into the ICU, it’s no different for young children. The doctor himself had seen him before.

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PS I am not suggesting that all adults need to get an rsv test if they have cold symptoms. just want to raise this case as a case study And I want everyone not to be dismissed.

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