Doctors thought a girl had a virus, 2, but it was a rare form of cancer

Doctors thought a girl had a virus, 2, but it was a rare form of cancer
Isla Chapman's parents, two, launched an appeal after she was diagnosed with myeloid acute leukemia (Picture: Chapman Family / SWNS)

A two-year-old girl was misdiagnosed with a virus when she was actually suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Myeloid acute leukemia at Isla Chapman, 2, is a cancer of the white blood cells that only affect a handful of children each year.

The little girl's doctors were diagnosed with an allergic reaction after her face.

They then told her parents that they believed it was a viral infection.

However, after a mother confirmed that Isla had blood tests, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The little girl now needs a bone marrow transplant after Christmas.

Aunt and uncle, Maxine Walters and Aaron Chapman launched a fundraising appeal to help the family after Dale and Amanda's parents alleviate costs.

She was also told that she was suffering from an allergic to doctors (Picture: Chapman Family / SWNS)

Maxine, describing Isla's fortune, said: 'They took Osla to Derriford Hospital because her face was swelling and she was told at the time that it was probably an allergic reaction to something she ate or who was touched.

Leo Then they were told that there was one viral infection and it will come down in a few weeks.

Anda But Amanda insisted that Isla had blood tests and they came back saying there was a low red blood volume left that the doctors found out that myeloid acute leukemia had been found.

La Isla has already done a week of intensive chemotherapy and there will be more to come.

Sí She must have a bone marrow transplant and it is likely to be after Christmas.

‘Her mother, father and brother Caben are currently being tested to see if they can become donors.

While she is ill, Maxine says that Isla, from Plymouth, Devon, is her usual beauty in Bristol Children's Hospital.

The little girl's aunt says she is-normal bright and beautiful ', despite being in hospital (Picture: Chapman Family / SWNS)

Maxine said: la Isla has a lot to do but she's like her normal bright and beautiful person, she's so excited to see people.

Teaghlach The family needs support because both parents are out of work and Isla's brother is just himself.

I It is very expensive to stay in Prostitution and it is clear that the whole thing is very difficult for them so that they understand that everyone really helps them. '

To date over £ 10,000 has been drawn up for the Chapman family on the GoFundMe, exceeding the initial target of just £ 1,500.

Fundraising events are already underway and a five-side competition is being organized for 30 November.

To give a gift to Isla's fundraising appeal for Isla, visit GoFundMe.

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