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Does iPhone 13 support constant display of time etc. like Apple Watch –Engadget Japanese version

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It is reported that the flagship iPhone 13 (provisional) series, which is rumored to be released this fall, may be equipped with a constant display like the recent Apple Watch.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who is familiar with Apple’s inside information, talks about his expectations for the iPhone 13 in a separate volume of his newsletter, Power On. Last week, Gurman said the iPhone 13’s notch would be smaller and the in-screen Touch ID would be forgotten, but that’s a follow-up.

Now, in a new article by Gurman, the iPhone 13 “has a faster A15 chip, a smaller notch, a new display for better battery life, and the possibility of an always-on mode like the Apple Watch, plus 120Hz. I’m looking forward to an upgrade in refresh rate and video recording. “

The 120Hz display has long been rumored on the Pro model of the iPhone 13 for a long time, but what’s new is that the major media Bloomberg has mentioned the constant display.

The 120Hz refresh rate and constant display on the screen are closely related to the LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology used in recent Apple Watches. LTPO is a display backplane technology, that is, a circuit board technology that controls liquid crystal and organic EL.

This LTPO is superior to the conventional LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) technology in power saving performance, and the theory that it is indispensable to compensate for the increase in power consumption due to raising the screen display of the iPhone from 60Hz to 120hz is predominant. It was mentioned by well-known leaker Weinbach, a leading source of information about unreleased products of interest, and South Korean supply chain sources also said they would support it.

If Gurman’s words are correct, users will be able to see the time, weather, and notifications from the app immediately without having to start the iPhone. With Series 5 and later, where the Apple Watch is always displayed, the time can be seen at any time, and I heard a deeply moving voice saying, “It’s like a clock.”


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