Does Langhe Sasaki have the strength to challenge the major leagues? Senior Nomo Hero Answers

Ryo Sasaki has been selected for the Japan team classic list.profile picture

The Rhodes pitcher from Japan, Ryo Sasaki, who is 21 years old, was selected to the 30-man roster of the Japanese team in the classic game. He is currently training in the spring on Ishigaki Island. During the inspection, he saw his pen too. the media asked Nomo, does Sasaki Longchi have the strength to challenge the major leagues? Nomo gave an interesting answer.

Sasaki Langxi practiced pitching in the bullpen today, and the speed of the fastest ball was measured at 157 kilometers. After the pitch, he also discussed with the catcher to confirm his pitch. When he was pitching, Nomo Hero watched the whole process . Nomo came to watch Rhodes’ spring training at the invitation of his friend and Rhodes’ new supervisor, Yoshii Rito.

Regarding Rōshi Sasaki’s pitching today, Hero Nomo said: “His ball speed is already very fast, because he still has to be selected for the classic game, and the game will start in early March, and he himself aware of it. many preparations have been made.”

Hero Nomo is also one of the ancestors of Japanese professional players to challenge the major leagues. The United States and Japan professional baseball has won 201 times. I was asked if Sasaki has the strength to compete in the major leagues? Nomo smiled and said, “I don’t need to tell you, everyone should know.”

But for Sasaki Langhe, the classic is definitely an excellent platform for him to show his skills internationally.

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