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Report by Correspondent Huang Zhongqiu/Taipei

▲ Huang Limin said the “selected person” may just have fewer receptors for the virus (Photo / Provided by National Taiwan University Hospital)

Currently, about 1 in 3 people in China are diagnosed, but there are still people who have not been infected by the epidemic so far (20); Huang Limin, a full-time chief physician at the Department of Pediatrics at the National Taiwan University Hospital, said that they have become “selective people” It may have fewer receptors for the virus, or it may be related to the cross-protection produced improving immunity after being infected with other viruses, but such people are very few and the proportion is not high, and the general public cannot know if they are a natural choice The best way to prevent infection is to be vaccinated. Huang Limin believes that the nasal spray vaccine, which is mainly for protecting the upper respiratory tract mucosa, is the trend of the next generation of vaccines in the future.

It has been almost 3 years since the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, but there are still people who have never been infected by the epidemic. According to media reports, many scientists around the world are trying to explain the reasons for the “people’s choice”.

The report highlighted the fact that the team of Mala Maini, a professor of viral immunology at University College London, carried out intensive monitoring of medical staff exposed to high-risk environments who should have been infected but did not take a set of blood samples .

Although only 10 of these “chosen people” have ever been infected, as many as 6 people have cross-reactive T cells in their trachea. In addition, it was also discovered internationally that “HLA-B * 15:01” is a gene that is carried by people who are infected but asymptomatic.

Huang Limin, a full-time chief physician at the Department of Pediatrics at National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital, said that in fact, many people have “picked people” around them. These people will claim that everyone around them has been diagnosed, and that they have not been infected yet, and they all claim to be “chosen people.” , but there is no basis in fact.

Huang Limin said that there could be two conditions to become a “chosen person”, one is that he “has fewer receptors for viruses”; and the other is that he may have been infected with other viruses recently. These are actually similar reports in the past. But this is not very significant to the general public, because the public cannot know whether they are the chosen person or not, and there is still a lack of relevant research in China, so it is better to be vaccinated to prevent infection.

According to foreign reports, Mai Ni is working with a team from Oxford University to study a new vaccine. They said that the T cells in the tracheal mucosa can not only protect people from COVID-19, but also prevent COVID-19 more effectively than vaccines currently on the market Viruses mutate and spread again.

Huang Limin said that the National Taiwan University Hospital team also started to develop a “nasal spray” vaccine in 2021. The difference from the injection vaccine is that in the past, the injection vaccine could only produce IgG antibodies that formed protection against the lower respiratory tract, but still in the upper respiratory tract. There will be viruses; in addition to producing IgG antibodies, nasal spray vaccines can also produce IgA antibodies against the upper respiratory tract, which can strengthen the resistance of the respiratory tract. In addition to avoiding serious illness, it can also effectively prevent the spread of the virus.

The National Taiwan University team of animal experiments found that the effect of animal experiments on reducing the amount of virus in the upper respiratory tract is very significant, but Huang Limin revealed that due to the huge demand for human clinical trials, at least nearly 200 million, the domestic vaccine research and development strategy is currently relatively “smooth” It is natural, “without much subsidy, and in the end, the related plan for human trials originally scheduled had to’ w held this year ended Huang Limin believes that the future trend will be the development of more next-generation vaccines and needle-free nasal spray vaccines.

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