Does the iPhone 14 appear unchanged? iFixit found the interior to be extremely easy to repair! – Chinese version of Engadget


Although everyone’s eyes are on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro series with a new dynamic island, the iPhone 14 from the same door also has some interesting points, but it’s not in the look. iFixit released their iPhone 14 disassembly report and found that this new phone, which appears to be unchanged from the previous generation, has become much more repairable internally, and the cost of parts has become cheaper.

iFixit said that the back glass of the iPhone 14 has become very easy to disassemble, and the number of parts involved is less, so it is estimated that the cost of buying materials and repairing yourself will also decrease; the front screen of the new side is actually the same as the back cover, with only two fixed screws, reducing the brutality of breaking parts by forcefully opening them in the past. The iPhone 14 inherits the practice of the previous generation iPhone 13 series, which separates the expensive Face ID module, that is, the TrueDepth component of the original depth camera, from the screen, making the screen components that get replacing them is often simpler and cheaper.

Other design analysis can refer to iFixit’s video and text reports, but you’ll find that the internal design of mobile phones is getting simpler and easier to maintain and the trend should continue to improve. Not only that the skills of the designer are better, but also that the United States places more importance on the right of consumers to repair themselves, and manufacturers can only go one step further so that ordinary people can open the product in easy.

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