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Original title: Does the removal of hats in poverty-stricken counties mean that poverty alleviation goals and tasks have been completed?

With the recent announcement by Guizhou Province that the remaining 9 impoverished counties will withdraw from the impoverished counties sequence, all 832 impoverished counties in my country have been lifted out of poverty. Does this mean that my country’s fight against poverty?aimsmission completed?After the poor counties take off their hatsjobsWhat’s the point?People out of povertyReturn to povertyHow to do?Reporter targetedsocietyConcerned an interview with Xia Gengsheng, deputy director of the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office.

  Doesn’t mean that the goal of poverty alleviation is completed

“The announcement of all poor counties to take off their hats does not mean that the national poverty alleviation goals and tasks have been fully completed.CensusRectify and correct the problems found in the assessment, check for deficiencies, and dynamically clear them. Finally, the Party Central Committee announced that under the current standards, all rural poor people will be lifted out of poverty, and all poor counties will have their hats removed to win the battle against poverty. “Xia Gengsheng said.

In accordance with the poverty alleviation system of “central planning, provincial responsibility, and city and county implementation”mechanismThe withdrawal of impoverished counties shall be announced by county-level applications, municipal-level preliminary examinations, provincial-level special evaluations and inspections, and provincial-level people’s governments.

“After the provincial announcement,acceptThe State Council’s Poverty Alleviation and Development Leading Group conducts spot checks, the national general survey on poverty alleviation, and the assessment of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation to test the standardization of exit procedures, the accuracy of standards, and the authenticity of the results. “Xia Gengsheng said.

Xia Gengsheng said that all 832 poverty-stricken counties have been lifted out of poverty. This is the result of the hard work of the cadres and the masses in poverty-stricken areas and the result of real assistance from all walks of life.

 Consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation

Getting out of poverty is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and a new struggle.

“After alleviating poverty and taking off the hat, we must consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. According to the spirit of the central government, a transition period must be established to maintain overall policy stability.” Xia Gengsheng said that some policies must be continued.RenewalSome need to innovate and design, in short, it must meet the needs of consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation.

“The poverty-stricken counties, poor villages and poor households that have already withdrawn from theSupportThe policy remains unchanged. “Xia Gengsheng said that the counties behind the hats are all deeply impoverished areas, which are relatively weak in many aspects, and they have to be sent off to help them.

“After winning the battle against poverty, the assistance policy should shift from the battle to normalization. According to the principle of filling what is lacking, pay more attention to categorized policies and make up for shortcomings.” Xia Gengsheng said, taking the eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation policy as a guide. For example, this policy is a mechanism and carrier that reflects the advantages of my country’s socialist system and has been written into the “14th Five-Year Plan”.planningThe “Recommendation” means that relevant policies and work will continue.

 Improve the monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing return to poverty to ensure that poverty is eliminated

Xia Gengsheng said that in order to complete the hard task of poverty alleviation, the central government has made great determination. It has issued more than 40 policy documents to address the difficulties, pain points and blockages caused by the epidemic this year, and solved the problems in a targeted manner and achieved remarkable results.

–poorlaborforceEmploymentRising instead of falling, migrant workers are poorlabor forceFrom 27.29 million last year to more than 29 million this year, this has stabilized the basic market for poverty alleviation and income growth.

——DevelopconsumptionPoverty alleviation action solutionAgricultural productsDifficulties in selling, completed the annual 200 billion yuan in advanceSalesTarget task.


“In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic, the monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing return to poverty was launched at the beginning of this year, focusing on monitoring the two types of households that have been out of poverty but unstable and whose income is slightly higher than that of poor, The current mechanism is operating smoothly and shows a relatively good effect. According to the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, this mechanism will continue to be improved starting next year. “Xia Gengsheng said.

Xia Gengsheng said that after winning the fight against poverty, it is necessary to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation to effectively connect with rural revitalization, continue to promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas in poverty alleviation areas, and promote economic and social development and people’s lives.improve

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