Does ‘Yashoda’ movie have anything to do with Nayanthara having babies; Samantha Openly Says Samantha Opens Up About The Movie Yashoda Is Not Related To Nayanthara And Vignesh Shivan’s Welcome Twin Through Surrogacy

SatYashoda is Mantha’s latest film. The film is based on a surrogate mother. The actress has played the role of a young woman who becomes a mother through a surrogate mother in the film which hit the theaters on November 11.

The film comes at a time when controversies are brewing after Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan’s children were born through surrogacy. Now actress Samantha reveals that Yashoda has nothing to do with the controversies. The actress said this in an interview given as part of the promotion of the film. The answer was to the question whether the film is connected to the arguments that are happening outside.

Samantha said the film has nothing to do with the controversy and surrogacy is only part of the film. He is not the person to comment on surrogacy. I don’t think I have an opinion. But I think everyone deserves to be happy. Let them do what makes them happy. Yashoda’s filming happened before the controversies,’ says Samantha.

Samantha’s close friends are Vignesh Sivan and Nayanthara. After the babies were born, the actress came to wish on the stars. Samantha played the lead role opposite Nayanthara in the film Kathvakula Dulu Kathal directed by Vicky. Vijay Sethupathi was the hero.


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