“Dog” gradually falls ill and mysteriously dies Residents fear infection with epidemic Urge to investigate

On February 8, 2023, Mr. Thawatchai Chanhong, Nong Ki Livestock District of Buriram Province was informed by the villagers of Ban Noi Nong Kae, Village No. 16, Muang Phai Sub-District, Nong Ki District that there “dog” In the village gradually fell ill and died for unknown reasons, almost 10 of them were assigned to the district livestock officers. Go to the inspection area and collect blood samples from sick dogs. to send laboratory tests to determine the true cause of death

While the villagers in the area are afraid of thata dogwho gradually become ill and dieinfected with plaguewhich can communicate between animals and animals and animals to humans Because in the past, there have never been so many sick and dying dogs like this before.

Mrs. Sawai, 60 years old, villager of Noi Nong Kae He said it was about 2 weeks ago. The 3 pet dogs became ill for unknown reasons. And 2 died on the same day, and then on February 5, 2023, a 3 month old female dog started to have abnormal lethargy. no strength and having convulsions, saliva, foaming at the mouth At first, he thought he was poisoned. I tried feeding him raw eggs, but my symptoms didn’t improve. Now I’m sleepy and I don’t eat or drink water.

As well as their own dogs There are many other dogs of the village people who have similar illnesses and deaths. therefore he would like the relevant agencies to come and investigate the case Because they fear that there will be an epidemic that can be transmitted between animals. and animals to people

On the other hand, Mr Thongsuk, 67, another villager said his 7-month-old male dog had an unusual illness two weeks ago. no sleep, don’t eat, drink water and saliva frothing at the mouth before dying along with the other 2 of Ms dogs. Sawai, he didn’t know what the dog had either but he saw the people of the village saying that they could have intestinal disease or not But for the sake of clarity, I would like the officers to investigate the exact cause for the peace of mind of the villagers.

Asking the people in the village, they were worried. Because within a period of less than a month, almost 10 dogs were sick and died without knowing what was causing them. therefore he would like the relevant officers to speed up the work of investigating the case for emergency control and prevention if it is an epidemic

News from Surachai Piraksa, Buriram Province

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