Dogs Take the Spotlight at Animated Film Premiere and Military Parade

Over 200 Dogs Attend Premiere of Animated Film and Join Military Parade

By Ki Jeong-hoon, Reporter

In a remarkable display of canine companionship, more than 200 dogs were invited to the premiere of a heartwarming animated film that centers around the heroic efforts of dog rescuers. This internationally beloved work, which has captured the imaginations of children for ten seasons, was recently chosen as one of the top 10 Christmas gifts by a renowned toy shop in Britain.

To commemorate the second theatrical release of the film, a special event was organized, where adorable puppies took center stage. The organizers aimed to set a record for the largest audience of dogs at a film screening, and the event successfully attracted a crowd of four-legged friends from all corners of the United States, including New York.

Sam Carroll, attending with Tinkerbell and Bell from New York, expressed his excitement, saying, “The record for the most dog attendees has definitely been shattered. We haven’t even started the movie yet, but it seems like that’s already happened. These little ones will surely enjoy watching it.”

With a total of 219 dogs in attendance, this event easily surpassed the previous Guinness World Record set by 199 birds in Illinois. Michael Embrick, Guinness World Record judge, explained the meticulous process behind verifying the authenticity of the record-breaking gathering: “We carefully checked each dog to ensure they were healthy and at least one year old. Moreover, they had to remain in their designated seating area and watch the movie for a minimum of 10 minutes.”

Not only were the dogs content moviegoers, but some also had a starring role in the grand military parade. One such example is a police dog that proudly marched in Chile’s annual military procession. In addition to the elegant display of discipline, these noble canines were accompanied by their handlers and enjoyed the company of friendly carriers. The parade garnered immense popularity among spectators, further cementing its significance as a cherished tradition within the Chilean military.

Gabriela Berrios Bruna, Chief of Police, highlighted the extensive training these dogs undergo to adapt to the noise and unfamiliar environments during the parade. “We provide specialized training to ensure these dogs can fully enjoy the military parade despite the loud noises and different surroundings,” she said.

The Police Dog Parade, introduced in 2017, continues to captivate the hearts of visitors each year, solidifying its status as a treasured addition to the Chilean military showcase.

YTN Ki Jeong-hoon reporting.

Video editing by Lim Hyeon-cheol.

Screen provided by TEST PICTURES.

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More than 200 dogs were invited to the premiere of an animated film about dogs and walked the red carpet.

There are also dogs that took part in the great military parade along with the soldiers.

Reporter Ki Jeong-hoon reports.


This is an animation featuring dog rescuers in action.

It is a work that has been loved by children all over the world for ten seasons.

A famous toy shop in Britain chose this animated toy as one of the 10 best Christmas gifts this year.

Puppies were invited to a special event to coincide with the second theatrical release.

It is a challenge to screen a film with the largest audience of dogs.

The event was held in LA, and some dogs came from as far away as New York.

[샘 캐럴 / 뉴욕 (팅커벨·벨과 참석) : (최다 개 관객) 기록은 분명히 깨졌을 거에요. 영화시작을 기다려야 하지만 이미 그랬다고 봐요. 얘네들도 영화 보면 좋아할 거에요.]

A total of 219 dogs watched the film.

It easily broke the previous Guinness record of 199 birds in Illinois.

[마이클 엠프릭 / 기네스 기록 심판 : 이 기록 깨지기 쉽지 않을 겁니다. 개들이 건강하고 편안한지, 한 살 이상인지 일일이 체크를 했고요. 정해진 자리에서 최소 10분 이상 영화를 봐야 하거든요.]

Instead of being relaxed moviegoers, there are also dogs who become the main characters of the parade.

This is a police dog that appeared in Chile’s annual military parade.

In addition to showing a dignified procession, there are also good friends riding on carriers.

Very popular with visitors.

Since then, they have even completed special training for the parade.

[가브리엘라 베리오스 브루나 / 경찰대장 : 개들이 어리기 때문에, 소음과 다른 환경에 적응하도록 훈련합니다. 군사 퍼레이드 때 사람들이 가까이 있어도 우리처럼 즐길 수 있도록요.]

The Police Dog Parade, first introduced in 2017, captivates the hearts of visitors every year and has become a new tradition of the Chilean military parade.

This is YTN Ki Jeong-hoon.

Video editing; Lim Hyeon-cheol

A screen is provided; TEST PICTURES

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