Home Health Dole Company announces temporary closure of canned pineapple factory to prevent coronavirus

Dole Company announces temporary closure of canned pineapple factory to prevent coronavirus

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Dole Company announces temporary closure of canned pineapple factory to prevent coronavirus

On July 1, Mr. Panlop Singhaseni, Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, revealed that the current situation with the epidemic of COVID-19 In the pineapple canning factory, Dole Thailand Co., Ltd., Nong Plub Subdistrict, Hua Hin District, still found infected patients in the labor group. which although there are not many But since it is a large factory, there are many employees. may increase the number of outbreaks Therefore, to prevent the spread of the epidemic Therefore, there is an order No. 6337/2564 to use Addera Hua Hin accommodation. It is a place of isolation, quarantine, and observation.

For workers who are at high risk Do not move these workers until permission from the communicable disease control officer. At the same time, the provincial public health doctor Integrate and assign hospitals in the Prachuap Province area to arrange staff as necessary to work in rotation for efficiency and safety. to the Sheriff of Hua Hin Coordinate with relevant government agencies to arrange security officers and supervise 24 hours a day by requiring high-risk workers in the accommodation to wear masks. or cloth mask at all times in the room and strictly follow the public health measures

At the same time, it is reported that the canned pineapple factory Dole has announced that it has raised measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, stating that in June the company had carried out isolation and quarantine for high-risk and high-risk employees. low apart and has coordinated with government agencies Provincial Public Health To ensure that all employees are thoroughly tested for infection and are ready to clean and disinfect both the factory, staff dormitories and surrounding communities to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, it is now found that employees are at high risk even during quarantine. And some who have passed the quarantine period have increased infections. Therefore, in order to prevent and reduce the chance of spreading the disease to other employees and the surrounding community who have the opportunity to contact the company’s employees. Therefore, it was decided to raise the standard of proactive protection as follows:

1. Temporarily suspend operation of all types of production machines in the factory for 7 days to reduce the chance of spreading the infection between employees in the production line.

2. Adjust the way office staff and support staff work from their accommodation until the policy changes.

3. Require testing for COVID-19 among all low-risk and non-risk employees. as a proactive measure with repeated examinations every 7 days for a total of 3 times

In this regard, the aforementioned preventive measures are in effect from 1 July 64 onwards. At the end of the specified period The company will continue to consider the appropriate operating guidelines and in accordance with the situation at that time. These elevated measures are in line with compliance guidelines set by provincial agencies and public health officials.

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