‘Doll Sing For Man’ Kim Ji-min “My mother who met Kim Jun-ho on New Year’s Day, tells me to be better with Kim Jun-ho”

Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes and sing to a man’

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자]

Comedian Kim Jun-ho revealed that he met his girlfriend Kim Ji-min’s family.

On SBS’s ‘Shoes Off, Dolsing For Man’, broadcast on the 14th, Kim Jun-ho and Kim Ji-min, who are openly in a relationship, appeared as guests.

On this day, Lee Sang-min asked Kim Jun-ho, “Did you go to greet Kim Ji-min’s parents on New Year’s Day this year?”

Previously, Kim Jun-ho was teased by the members by revealing that he tried to meet Kim Ji-min’s mother during last year’s Chuseok holiday, but was rejected.

Kim Jun-ho, who said he went to Donghae to meet Kim Ji-min’s family during this New Year’s holiday, boasted, “My mom made galbi-jjim delicious” and “I even slept there .”

Regarding her mother’s reaction to Kim Jun-ho, Kim Ji-min said, “She rather said something to me. Be good. She told me to speak kindly. I think I heard it with a sharp tone.”

In response, Kim Jun-ho lapped up Kim Ji-min, saying, “He shoots like a vitamin.”


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