‘Doll Sing For Man’ Lee Seung-chul ‘Look up to your older wife… Even the ruined business is organized by the wife’ |

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Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes and sing to a man’

[스포츠한국 조은애 기자]

Lee Seung-chul of ‘Doll Sing For Man’ revealed that his wife takes care of all the business he failed.

On the 30th broadcast of SBS ‘Take Your Shoes Off, Dol Sing For Man’, Lee Seung-cheol appeared and told the story of his older wife.

On this day, Kim Jun-ho indirectly mentioned Lee Seung-cheol’s remarriage, saying, “This is my ideal type.”

Lee Seung-chul had a conversation and told Tak Jae-hoon, who was furious at the words “Dolsing is definitely dolsing”, “Everyone wants to forget the past. I’ve never been like that”, making people around him laugh.

He said, “My wife is older than me. I look up to my sister,” he said, expressing his respect for his wife.

Then, to the question, “Isn’t it because I want to be away from my wife that I perform a lot?”, he said, “I almost go to performances with my wife. In the past, I was depend on my wife said a lot.

He also boasted about his wife’s ability, saying, “My wife retired right before I met me. We all messed up in the same company at least once. My wife took over and sorted things out. From the settlement of payments to the album contract,” he boasted of his wife’s ability.


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