‘Doll Singles 2’, which is going well, today (3rd), very disappointing news was delivered

MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 2’, which is currently airing on popularity, delivered disappointing news.

Below is MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 2’ Instagram

On the 3rd, Xports News reported that ‘Dol Singles 2’ will end after the 12th episode. According to the report, in the final episode, episode 12, the former performers will appear in the studio and meet with the MCs.

The meeting between the cast and the four MCs (Lee Hye-young, Lee Ji-hye, Yoo Se-yoon, Jung Gyu-woon), who caused over-immersion with their stingy reactions, is already raising expectations. The last broadcast is scheduled to air in early January next year.

‘Dol Singles 2’ MC

Currently, ‘Dol Singles 2’ has been aired up to seven times, and each episode is showing high topic and viewer ratings. The 7th episode had a rating of 4.2% (based on Nielsen Korea).

It also ranked 6th in the non-drama TV category and 2nd in search response in the topic rankings for the 4th week of November announced by Good Data Corporation.

‘Doll Singles 2’ is a real romance program that tells the story of a divorced man and woman who have visited once, from dating to living together.

Eight men and women (Kim Gye-seong, Kim Eun-young, Kim Chae-yoon, Yoon So-min, Yoon Nam-ki, Lee Da-eun, Lee Deok-yeon, Lee Chang-soo) are gaining popularity by showing off their wild side compared to season 1.

Recently, thanks to its popularity, the production of season 3 has been confirmed, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, ‘Dol Singles 2’ airs every Sunday at 9:20 PM.

Beating all the popular entertainment shows these days… Content announced by the entertainment entertainment Good Data Corporation, which ranked first in ‘Search Reaction’ after only 3 episodes of broadcasting

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