‘Doll Singles 3’ Han Jeong-min and Jo Ye-young, touched by the mother’s handwritten letter on the first day of living together… Age Occupation Instagram?

‘Doll Singles 3’ Han Jeong-min and Jo Ye-young, touched by the mother’s handwritten letter on the first day of living together… Age, occupation, Instagram? (Photo=MBN, ENA)

‘Doll Singles 3’ couple Han Jeong-min and Jo Ye-young were moved by a handwritten letter from Jo Ye-young’s mother on the first day of living together.

The 8th episode of MBNxENA’s ‘Dol Singles 3’, aired on the 14th, depicts the wedding photography, honeymoon, and first day of living together of Han Jeong-min X Jo Ye-young and Yoo Hyeon-cheol X Byeon Hye-jin , who were paired as a couple through the final selection after the camp at ‘Dolsing Village’ lost.

Right after the final selection, Han Jeong-min X Jo Ye-young went ahead with ‘RE: Wedding Shoot’. Han Jeong-min, staring at Jo Ye-young in a wedding dress, burst into tears, saying, “I feel strange”, and Jo Ye-young was also blushing with emotions. After shooting a sweet wedding, the two went on a honeymoon to a luxury hotel in Busan. Two people drinking wine and having a good time. Han Jeong-min said, “It feels like I’m being pulled away because it’s just the two of us,” and the two shared their first kiss.

Han Jung-min admitted, “I wanted to tell you something right after I got off the cable car. I want to meet you officially.” To Han Jeong-min’s sincerity, “I’m going back tomorrow, so I didn’t want to go without an appointment,” said Jo Ye-young, “I’ll meet you.” Afterwards, they shared a passionate kiss, and 4MC cheered them on as they watched their 19-year-old act of love.

Hyun-cheol Yoo and Hye-jin Byun, who were dramatically paired as a couple, went ahead with a wedding photo shoot in a somewhat awkward atmosphere. “It’s been 5 days since we met,” they both said shyly, “We’ve come to our honeymoon.” They drank wine and had a deep conversation. At this time, Hyejin Byun made a sudden comment saying, “(Originally) I wasn’t going to make the final choice.” He responded to Byun Hye-jin’s words, “(Yoo Hyun-cheol) felt that the texture was different, so I tried to choose Min-gun oppa”, Yoo Hyun-cheol responded, “I didn’t want to ride the cable car too. ”

However, Yoo Hyeon-cheol soon softened the mood by saying, “If you had tried to get off the cable car without picking anyone, you would have caught it again. During a walk the following night, Yoo Hyun-chul cautiously admitted, “Riding the cable car meant ‘Give me a date’ 90% of the time,” and received praise from the 4MC for saying, “You you good!” Finally, in the hot spring outdoors, they talked about the things they wanted to do while living together and restore a sweet mood. Then, single father Yoo Hyeon-cheol asked, “Why don’t you bring your daughter to the place where you live with him for a day or two?”, and Byun Hye-jin replied, “Any time if the child wants to come.”

Two weeks after their honeymoon, they started ‘living together’ fully. After graduating from the mountain school, Yoo Hyeon-cheol made a surprise appearance with a bouquet of flowers in front of Hye-jin Byun, who was on her way to the ‘living house’. He presented a hiking bag for Byun Hye-jin, and made Byeon Hye-jin’s favorite dishes, steamed ribs and kimchi stew. However, during the meal, when the story of Hyejin Byun’s hobby, ‘climbing’, came to light, it created the atmosphere again. Hyeon-cheol Yoo, who is in charge of rehabilitating athletes, worries anxiously, “It’s dangerous to climb, do you have to do it this way?” But Hye-jin Byun answered, “I should be careful, but I can. t.”

Han Jeong-min and Jo Ye-young started living together in Changwon, where Han Han-min lived. From the moment they reunited on the road to the house where they lived together, there was a lot of kissing, and the two had a late lunch together. Amidst the sweetness of Jo Ye-young eating even the rice glue on her lips, she showed her mother a handwritten letter written by her. In the content of ‘I hope the new journey will be enjoyable and blessed, and I will bless you with Jeongmin’, the two shed tears, saying, “It is a word that stimulates the emotions of dolls.” Then, they both lay down in the same bed, and in the ongoing ‘Kiss Attack’, Han Jeong-min (?) roared “Stress!” and spent the first sweet night.

‘Dol Singles 3: The Second Honeymoon’ is broadcast simultaneously on MBN and ENA channels at 10 pm every Sunday.

On the other hand, Dol Singles has a lot of interest in the cast’s age, occupation, and Instagram account address for each broadcast.

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