Dollar made merit by Khun Ying Spider Feed your favorite duck noodles – fresh news

Warm, soul mates, bring merit and take care of them side by side Mr. Dollar, Mrs. Spider, can’t make merit. Warm moment to your favorite restaurant to feed duck noodle soup.

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Despite falling ill with the latest symptoms, the eyes can’t see and have pictures via social media. Lady Spider MR Srikhamrung Yukol had to use a wheelchair. Among the overwhelming encouragement from entertainers and friends, including fans

During the past year, besides US Dollar, Major General Patchara Rattakul take a wife Lady Spider MR Srikhamrung Yukon Offering alms to make merit and paying homage to monks is not lacking. Go to Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong, Chiang Mai District, plus a chill camping atmosphere. Resting at Samoeng, Chiang Mai. My husband takes care of me. Not far away. There is a joyful story on Khunying Phumpoo’s Instagram post. You can sit by yourself, yippee!!! too

Most recently, the dollar posted a picture of his wife taking the merit-making ceremony in Singburi province. with the caption that go to make merit with many entertainers joining in to congratulate the merit before revealingHusband’s warm moment feeding duck noodles while taking his wife to his favorite shop with the caption that Favorite item #Poached duck noodles

withNetizens come to comment a lot. It’s a real life partner moment. Ready to wish you a speedy recovery, for example, this is what we call a real life partner. Take care of both the happy and the sad Have a good day and good night, be a life partner that true love #May you have love that lasts forever, the best of love, etc.




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