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Domestic indie game ‘Little Devil Inside’ confirmed for release next year

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▲ New information on ‘Little Devil Inside’ has been released (Photo Source: Captured from PlayStation’s official YouTube video)

‘Little Devil Inside’, a domestic action-adventure game being produced by Niostream Interactive, has released a new gameplay video and confirmed its release next year. This is additional information released about a year and four months after the PS5 Future of Gaming show in June of last year.

In the video, the main character explores various areas, interacting with NPCs or fighting monsters, and features related to life elements such as fishing and campfires were introduced. And judging from the fact that the scenes that simplify the character when moving to another map and the elements of adventure that go around the map were introduced together, it is guessed that it is not a complete open world game.

▲ ‘Little Devil Inside’ gameplay video (Video source: PlayStation Official YouTube)

‘Little Devil Inside’ has been engulfed in so-called ‘eating’ controversy until recently. This is because more than 6 years have passed since the first public release in April 2015, but there was no sign of the game being completed. In addition, after the PS5 Future of Gaming show in June last year, there was no further news for more than a year, so there were concerns about whether it would remain as vaporware, and there were also inquiries from sponsors.

Amid these concerns, Niostream Interactive announced new information and release time through the State of Play, which was held from the morning of the 28th in Korea. The game was expected to be released next year, but the exact release date is unknown.

‘Little Devil Inside’ is scheduled to be released in 2022, and compatible platforms are PS4, PS5, and PC.

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