Domestic market cap rises 189 trillion won in one month… Samsung Electronics won 32 trillion↑

Samsung Electronics Seocho office building. Photo = Newsis

[Papur Newydd Dydd Llun = Gohebydd Kwak Min-gu]Thanks to the increase in stock prices at the beginning of the year, the market capitalization (market cap) of domestic stocks increased by 189 trillion won. Samsung Electronics rose by 32 trillion won, and LG Energy Solutions also raised 17 trillion won.

On the 2nd, the Korea CXO Research Institute, which specializes in corporate analysis, published the results of an analysis of the current status of market capitalization changes in the domestic stock market in January 2023.

The subjects of the investigation were 2,564 out of 2,700 listed stocks, not including the preferred stocks.

At the beginning of this year, the total market capitalization in 2016 was trillion won. At the end of last month, it was paid at 2,205 trillion won, an increase of 189 trillion won.

The overall market cap increased by 9.4% in one month. Among the stocks surveyed, 2196 stocks showed an increase in market capitalization, or 85.6%. 368 places fell (14.4%). The number of stocks that joined the 1 trillion won club also increased. It expanded from 229 at the beginning of January to 246 at the end of January.

Samsung Electronics and LG Energy Solutions increased more than 10 trillion won. Samsung Electronics increased 32.8338 trillion won from 331.3229 trillion won at the beginning of last month to 364.1567 trillion won at the end of last month. During the same period, LG Energy Solutions earned 121.914 trillion, which earned 17.55 trillion.


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