Don Muang is boiling! Phalang Pracharat sends wife ‘Sira’ to challenge ‘Keng Karun’

Don Muang is boiling! Phalang Pracharat sends wife ‘Sira’ to challenge people ‘Keng Karun’, saying that Don Mueang is not owned by anyone. Confident that people want to change

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7 Nov 2021 – Mrs. Saranrat Jenjaka, the candidate Bangkok MP for Don Muang District, wife of Mr. Sira Chenchaka, Bangkok MP for Laksi District Palang Pracharath Party gave an interview that personally did not think that he would come to challenge anyone or have to be afraid of who owns the space because every citizen has the right to choose

The reason for wanting to take care of people in Don Mueang area is because over the past 3 years, he has been in the area to help take care of people in Lak Si District. which is the area of ​​Mr. Sira continuously And there have been many people from Don Mueang come to ask for help. which he has always taken care of

He saw that the Don Mueang area Not owned by anyone or is the property of a particular family When the people in the area are not taken care of by the representatives he has chosen. in this election They have the right to choose another person to act on their behalf. There are still many areas in Don Mueang that need urgent development. and he will ask for volunteers to do the duty there for the villagers in the area to live and well-being

When asked if she was confident that she would be able to defeat Mr. Karun Hosakul, a Bangkok MP for Don Mueang District, Pheu Thai Party, Mrs Saranrat added that she believed that the people in the area needed change. Monopoly with the same people doesn’t mean they don’t want to change. But it may be because there is no choice, because if the current MPs do their job well There would certainly not be many people in the Don Muang area who came to ask for their help. The main reason for the decision Apply for this election because the people of Don Mueang demanded


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