Donald Trump is leading America into the abyss: lies, conspiracy and narcissism

The indictment against Donald Trump reveals how indifferent the ex-president is to the security of his own country. To brag, he jeopardizes world power.

Donald Trump has repeated one sentence quite often in recent months to discredit his successor Joe Biden: “The United States has now officially become a Third World country.” His eldest son Donald Trump Junior also spread something similar. “We live in a Third World banana republic,” he tweeted this week, referring to the federal prosecutor’s investigation into his father.

These descriptions of the situation appear to apply to Trump and his behavior himself. Anyone who looks at the published photos of special counsel Jack Smith can hardly believe it: after his inglorious departure, the ex-president has been unsecured in his Luxury property Mar-a-Lago. Stored in ordinary boxes in the bathroom, in the bathtub, in a ballroom and even in his bedroom.

Boxes in a bathroom at the Mar-a-Lago Club (Quelle: FBI/US Southern District of Florida)

What Donald Trump appears to have done is ridiculing America of all places, which he pretended to be making great again. The details published in the 44-page indictment reveal behavior on the part of Trump that is firstly unworthy of the president of a world power and, secondly, apparently even highly dangerous.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s press release on Friday afternoon in Washington only lasted a good three minutes. But the terse words had it all, and revealed a monstrous suspicion: Trump’s handling of his own nation’s most important secrets could put the country, its soldiers and its intelligence agents at risk.

“Donald J. Trump is charged with criminal violations of our national security laws and involvement in a conspiracy to obstruct justice,” Smith said gravely. He invites all Americans to “read this indictment in its entirety to understand the scope and seriousness of the alleged crimes.”

“The men and women of the United States intelligence community and our armed forces dedicate their lives to protecting our nation and its people,” Smith said. Therefore, laws protecting national defense information are critical to the security of the United States. “Violations of these laws endanger our country,” Smith said, thanking him for the attention and leaving without answering any further questions.

Consequential boasting

The total of 37 charges against Trump show the frightening behavior of a man who apparently wanted to brag about state secrets and who is very well aware of what he can and cannot do. This is made clear, among other things, by the transcript of a conversation that Trump had with an author, a publisher and one of his employees at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

(Quelle: United States District Court, Southern District of Florida)
(Quelle: United States District Court, Southern District of Florida)

Trump spoke openly about attack plans from the Defense Ministry against another country. For security reasons, the nation’s name was blacked out in the court document. From the context of the conversation, however, it can be concluded that it could be about Iran. During his presidency, Trump withdrew his own plan of attack against the country after heavy criticism.


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