donald trump’s budha statue: Trump Buddha statue trending on e-commerce sites; Price Rs 44,000 – here is about donald trump’s budha statue


  • Trendy Trump Buddha statue
  • Sales of the statue, built for curiosity, soared
  • Furniture manufacturing company with more statues

New Delhi: While there may be some similarities between the Buddha and Donald Trump, Trump is unlikely to meditate in the shade of the Bodhi tree, but such a statue is now trending on social media. Trump Buddha statue is making waves on e-commerce sites.

The white porcelain statue of Donald Trump meditating like a Buddha has become a trend since Donald Trump stepped down as president and left the White House. It was first circulated on social media as pictures.

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The statue is available in different sizes and the 4.6 meter statue was priced at Rs 44,707. Another is a 1.6 meter tall statue. The price of the statue is Rs 1,1168. The different Trump statue is fun. Trump will be reminiscent of the Buddha, who is meditating. Hands folded in lap.

Most people own the statue out of curiosity, at first very few statues were made but many statues were sold without thinking. The statue was first unveiled by a Chinese furniture maker. The statue later appeared on Chinese e-commerce sites



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