Dong-A Pharmaceutical Introduces New Children’s Health Functional Food ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor’

Dong-A Pharmaceutical introduces new children’s health functional food, ‘Mini Max Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor’

Dong-A Pharmaceutical, led by CEO Baek Sang-hwan, announced the launch of their latest product, ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor,’ a health functional food designed to support the growth and development of children.

Following the positive consumer response to their popular ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Grape Flavor,’ Dong-A Pharmaceutical decided to expand their product line by introducing a new, refreshing apple flavor.

This innovative product contains essential nutrients such as calcium, which plays a crucial role in bone and teeth formation, as well as the maintenance of nerve and muscle function. Additionally, it is fortified with vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium. By supplementing these nutrients, ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor’ can contribute to the healthy growth and development of children who might have deficiencies in their calcium intake from regular food sources.

The newly released products are now available for purchase on the official brand center, ‘Dmall,’ and Naver Smart Store, offering convenience and accessibility to interested customers.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s Minimax brand has gained popularity for its dedication to children’s well-being, introducing various products that cater to their growth and development. Some of their offerings include ‘Calcium Vitamin D,’ ‘Multivitamin Mineral,’ ‘Vitamin D,’ ‘Vitamin C,’ ‘Omega-3 DHA EPA,’ and ‘Probiotic Zinc.’ Notably, these products utilize fruit concentrate as a natural alternative to sugar and sweeteners, ensuring a healthier and more appealing taste for children.

With its unique design principle MMX Solution™, Minimax has become a trusted specialist in providing quantitative nutrition for children’s health. Supported by intensive research and development at the renowned Child Health Research Centre, the brand excels in expertise related to nutrition, formulation, and flavor.

In conclusion, Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s latest addition to its children’s health functional food lineup, ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor,’ aims to fulfill the nutritional needs of growing children. With its innovative formulation and dedication to superior quality, the brand continues to establish itself as a leader in the industry.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical launches children’s health functional food ‘Mini Max Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor’

[이슈인팩트] Dong-A Pharmaceutical (CEO Baek Sang-hwan) announced on the 20th that it has launched ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavor’, a health functional food that supports children’s growth and development.

‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Apple Flavour’ is a newly added flavour, thanks to consumer response to the existing popular product ‘Minimax Calcium Vitamin D Grape Flavour’.

This product contains ‘calcium’, which is necessary for the formation of bones and teeth and the maintenance of nerve and muscle function, and ‘vitamin D’, which helps absorb calcium. It can help children achieve healthy growth and development by supplementing the calcium they may be deficient in through food intake.

Newly released products can be found in the official brand center ‘Dmall’ and Naver Smart Store.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical Minimax launches various products for children’s growth, such as ‘Calcium Vitamin D’, ‘Multivitamin Mineral’, ‘Vitamin D’, ‘Vitamin C’, ‘Omega-3 DHA EPA’, and ‘Probiotic Zinc’. is gaining popularity. In particular, fruit concentrate was used as a supporting ingredient instead of sugar and sweetener, creating a healthy taste favored by children.

Meanwhile, Minimax records steady growth as a specialist health functional food for children that provides quantitative nutrition based on the unique design principle MMX Solution™, and is supported by research and development at the Child Health Research Centre, providing expertise in nutrition, formulation, and flavor.

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