Dong-A ST ‘Styrene Tab’, cumulative sales of 853.3 billion won for 20 years since launch

[의학신문·일간보사=김영주 기자]Dong-A ST (CEO Kim Min-young) announced on the 5th that the gastritis drug ‘Styrene Tablet’, a natural medicine, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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It recorded cumulative sales of 853.3 billion won for the year and has maintained its No. 1 position.
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Celebrating 20 years since its release, Styrene Chung promised to take a new leap forward. Styrene the last 20
It recorded cumulative sales of 853.3 billion won for the year and has maintained its No. 1 position.

Styrene Tablet, released in December 2002, is a natural drug gastritis treatment developed with Dong-A ST’s own technology. It is effective and efficient in healing gastric mucosal lesions caused by acute and chronic gastritis and preventing gastritis caused by NSAIDs administration, and is the only original gastric mucosal protective agent developed with Korean technology.

Approximately 4,513,550,000 Styrene tablets have been prescribed over the past 20 years based on excellent efficacy and effectiveness and active academic activities, and have recorded cumulative sales of approximately 853.3 billion won (including 2X styrene tablets).

In 2004, three years after its release, it recorded sales of 17.7 billion won and entered the ranks of blockbusters. Since its launch, it has maintained its No. 1 market share (according to UBIST) in the gastric mucosal protective agent market.

Styrene Tab has been making relentless efforts to improve patient compliance with medications. In 2005, the existing hard capsules were changed to tablets. In 2016, the number of doses per day was reduced from three to two by launching ‘Styrene 2X Tablets’ with patented flotation technology applied. The floating technology stays in the stomach for more than 2 hours, and the medicinal effect is expressed over a long time and shows a uniform biological response. In addition, as it floats immediately after administration, it prevents the tablet from being lost into the duodenum due to gastrointestinal motility. With these features, it was awarded the 2015 Pharmaceutical Technology Award by the Korean Pharmaceutical Society.

In 2019, the dosage form length and weight of Styrene and Styrene 2X tablets were reduced, and the shape was changed from a rectangular to a round shape to improve patient compliance once again.

Dong-A ST has also continued clinical research to secure data on the safety of Styrene Tablets and to provide medical staff with reliable evidence. Styrene Tab. and Styrene 2X Tab. has published four clinical papers in international academic journals, including journals at SCI level.

Kim Seong-jin, head of Styrene PM at Dong-A ST, said, “I would like to express my sincere thanks to the teachers who have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of gastritis treatment over the past 20 years.” I will work hard for a better life for you.”

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