Dong-Hoon Han “Personnel Verification, Existing Business”… Cho Kuk: “We do not verify Supreme Court candidates”

Former Justice Minister Cho Kuk said on the 31st that the Moon Jae-in administration’s chief civil affairs office did not conduct any personnel verification for Supreme Court candidates.

Former Minister Cho said in a Facebook post on the same day, “The Office of the Chief Civil Affairs Officer of the Moon Jae-in government did not conduct any personnel verification for the Supreme Court Justices recommended by the Chief Justice.” “The work was carried out by the Supreme Court itself.”

He continued, “According to the law, we conducted personnel verification on the candidates for constitutional judges recommended by the president. This was to respect the principle of separation of powers under the Constitution,” he added.

On the 30th, Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon responded to a question about the possibility that the personnel information management team under the Ministry of Justice would verify even the highest judges of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, saying, “Personnel verification is not a newly created job, but an existing job.” A professional public official who has been dedicated to his work will be in charge,” he said.

The personnel information management team, which will be in charge of the public official verification function of the Yun Seok-yeol government, will be launched on June 7 at the earliest.

In the morning of the 31st, at the Cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, the government announced a partial amendment to the ‘Organization of the Ministry of Justice and its affiliated institutions’ and the ‘Regulations on the Collection and Management of Information on Candidates for Public Office’, which aims to establish a personnel information management group under the Minister of Justice. It was proposed and approved.

These amendments are presidential decrees that do not require the consent of the National Assembly, and come into effect immediately after the presidential approval and promulgation. Considering that it usually takes about a week from the time of the passing of the State Council to promulgation, the personnel information management team is expected to be officially launched on June 7.

Han Ji-hye, reporter for

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