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“Dong-Tong” Ro informs the order of the doll in hopes of a surprise birthday “Best” finally was cheated. Almost ten thousand

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“Dong Tong The Star” reported after ordering a Pooh teddy through IG hopes for a surprise birthday “Nong Best” finally was cheated, lost 8,500 baht, plus many more victims.

The reporter reported that today (29 May) at 2:00 pm Mr. Krisakorn Kanokthon, 26 years old or Tong Tong The Star, a famous model star, along with Ms. Rakwanee Kam Sing or Nong Best, the daughter of a famous former boxer, Somrak Khamsing, has traveled to report to Lieutenant Colonel Prachai Phichai, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Pak Kret Police Station in order to prosecute the owner of the post-ins. One eye gram Who are selling products to themselves In which he has purchased products with Instagram from the owner of this post And did not receive the product as ordered An amount of 8,500 baht must come and notify the police in order to pursue the legal proceedings.

Dong Tong The Star revealed that earlier on May 24, he posted wanting to buy a doll to give to Nong Best on his birthday. One, about 30 years old, posted contact to him. And said that it is a doll dealer And is a big fan of their own as well So he thought that he should order products from him to support the fans as well. Therefore ordered 4 Pooh Bears, hoping to create a surprise and give it to Nong Best On a birthday

He transferred the amount of 8,500 baht to him, but until then, many days have passed. Did not receive anything, so he greeted him, but he did not reply. Later, brother Somrak Khamsing, the father of Nong Best Called him, he apologized and promised to deliver. But in the end, there was no such thing as impersonation. Including before the notification Could not contact him again Because he blocked facebook Login Instagram Blog

I came to know from many fans. People who know about And informed him that he had been deceived like he had many He thinks that the amount of 8,500 baht, although not much or less, but in this age of situation, it is a rare money. In addition, there are many injured people if they hit each other. Income would be a large amount of money.

Would like to tell the police to help him come to the prosecution Because as far as I know, many victims have been deceived in the same manner as themselves. I do not want others to be deceived like this again. Personally, I feel bad because I intend to order a doll as a birthday present for Nong Best. But in the end they didn’t get what they ordered

While Nong Best, who was standing next to him, said that he was personally happy and grateful that Brother Tong had prepared a gift for us. When he was not because of this reason he understood and did not feel angry When reading chat, sentences, words, everything that he has prepared for a long time for us to know. Personally more than happy At Brother Tong, he ordered a gift for us. Prepared for us for a long time. Even if they did not have the product themselves


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