‘Donkey’ Solar,’leader’s dignity’ seen as support for Mamamoo… Hyun Joo-yeop’Yeok-meok-bang'[종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 김준석 기자] Solar cheered for Mamamoo’s younger brothers.

On the 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “The President’s Ears are Donkey Ears” (hereinafter referred to as “Donkey Ears”), Mamamu’s visit to the oriental clinic, Hyun Joo-yeop’s curse room, and the decision to sell Halla were depicted.

On that day, Solar took Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa to visit an oriental clinic run by Lee Kyung-euk. As a leader, I was concerned about the health of the members who were practicing a diet diet and intense choreography. According to Solar’s concerns, problems were found throughout the members’ bodies due to large and small injuries that occurred during the last 7 years, which broke the heart of the leader.

In particular, Solar had a problem with her back due to excessive practice, and Wheein complained of chronic ankle injuries and neck pain. Hwasa, who did not have time to rest with personal activities, was also suffering from fatigue and insomnia.

While the full-fledged acupuncture treatment began, Director Lee Kyung-euk reassured him, saying, “It really doesn’t hurt,” but after seeing the bloody (?) scene where Solar’s screaming screamed, the rest of the members showed their frightened appearance and laughter.

Afterwards, the filming site of Mamamoo’s’AYA’ music video was revealed.

On this day, Mamamoo Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa robbed their gaze with the appearance of an undecorated work. Seeing this, Kim Sook said, “Can I go out on this broadcast?” and Jeon Hyun-moo joked, “I need to know who I am, so put the subtitles in it”, but Solar showed a cool reaction saying “It’s okay” and added laughter.

The music video director Hong Young-gi told Solar, who appeared as a representative in’Donkey Ears’, saying, “Really, director Hyun Joo-yeop, please eat a lot”, and Moonbyul was overworked by the side and imitated director Hyun Joo-yeop. Hyeon Joo-yeop, who was watching the video, said, “I can’t do it,” and made a laugh.

The members were tired from the continuous shooting of the music video, and Solar said, “The music video doesn’t end in one day today. I can’t eat anything because I have to do it tomorrow. I was hungry all day, especially this day.” I was surprised.

However, Solar added the energy of the members with Solar’s own support to raise the atmosphere and increase concentration. The members were moved by saying, “Yong leader seems difficult too, but he cheers for us.”

Solar explained a unique way of cheering, saying, “For my younger siblings who are struggling, they make fun watching movies or things like this, and make them laugh.”

It was depicted that Hyun Joo-yeop eats tremendous curse at his screaming grandmother.

On the 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show,’The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ (hereinafter referred to as’donkey ears’), the previous generation Yeoju x Pyeongchang food tour of Hyun Joo-yeop TV trio unfolded.

On this day, Joo-yeop Hyun, who even handled agricultural machinery to create promotional content for agricultural products, showed an angry appearance at Ho-young Jung and Gwang-jae Park who were playing. In particular, Jang-nim made a laugh by pointing out, “There is a reason Hoyoung and Gwangjae are scolded.”

In the end, Lee Jang-nim took Jung Ho-young and went out to harvest eggplants, and Jung Ho-young began to talk behind the scenes, saying, “The main character should do this. Subscribers don’t want this.” Seeing this, Hyun Joo-yeop showed an angry appearance, saying, “Jung Ho-young put his mind off.”

In particular, Hyun Joo-yeop and Park Gwang-jae were resting after work and Jung Ho-young. At this time, Hyun Joo-yeop said, “If you go to the mountain behind you, I think there will be matsutake mushrooms.” In the end, Park Gwang-jae said, “If you want to, you have to go,” and showed the appearance of leaving to collect matsutake mushrooms.

The 41-year-old youngest, Park Gwang-jae, climbed up the mountain and said, “Come here and try a lot of things.” However, it came down without much harvest, and Hyun Joo-yeop showed a tree of Park Gwang-jae, who returned empty-handed, saying, “What have you been on for a walk?”

At this time, a huge amount of new charms arrived. For the Japanese and Korean Hyeon Joo-yeop’s party, farmers prepared a generous new charm that added pizza made with Yeoju rice and eggplant, kimbap, bibimbap, and Korean beef for Hyunjuyeop.

Before the filming of the Mukbang, Lee pointed out to Park Gwang-jae, “I think I’m getting more fat,” and in fact, after meeting Hyun Joo-yeop, Park Gwang-jae was revealed to have gained 14kg and made a laugh.

When Jung Ho-young, who was eating bibimbap, said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been away from rice because of my diet these days,” Hyun Joo-yup showed how much rice and bibimbap were added, embarrassing Jung Ho-young. At this time, Hyun Joo-yeop, who found Lee who wasn’t eating, asked “Why aren’t you eating?” Lee said, “I’m on a diet these days,” and laughed.

However, Park Gwang-jae was surprised by Lee Jang’s infinite refill bibimbap, who poured out rice every time the bowl was empty, “Why isn’t there less rice?” “I put my tongue out.

Afterwards, Ho-young Jung headed to Pyeongchang, saying, “It seems like it would be fun for Hyun Joo-yeop to eat curse,” and he headed to the complete house operated by his swearing grandmother. This is likely to come out a lot of hits,” he said, revealing his true intentions and laughter.

Particularly, my grandmother told the three people, “Let’s have a cup of makgeolli,” and shouted out to the three people who put down the cup with only their mouth. “Where are you putting it down?” In addition, Hyun Joo-yeop and Jeong Ho-young showed the appearance of driving makgeolli to Park Gwang-jae.

In response, Park Gwang-jae said, “I think I will vomit while eating this,” and Jung Ho-young said, “That’s the charm of YouTube. You can do it” and made a laugh.

Park Gwang-jae told Hyun Joo-yeop, “Let’s have a palm time for YouTube. But if you don’t like it, you can’t do it.” Added.

However, while Jung Ho-young was good, Park Gwang-jae was scared by saying, “Is it not a minute yet?” At this time, Hyun Joo-yeop said, “Then, do it with Gwang Jae-ha and Ho-young first,” and Park Gwang-jae shouted out to Jung Ho-young, saying, “I think I will do it too badly” and made a laugh.

At this time, while finishing the filming, Hyun Joo-yeop asked, “But what is the flashing light on the camera”, and it turned out that the filming was stopped due to insufficient memory, which made me laugh.

Also, on this day, the splendid skill of Choi Seong-hwan, who advanced to the Halla Market Decision Competition, was unfolded.

Jang Seong-woo’s game, aiming to become Baekdu, began. Before the match, Jang Seong-woo was worried about a knee injury, but when the first game started, he showed victory in 3 seconds. The second edition also showed a simple victory in 4 seconds.

Coach Kim Ki-tae praised Jang Seong-woo, saying, “The players also want to learn that technique a lot.” After winning the victory in 7 seconds, coach Kim Ki-tae went down and smiled brightly at the other coach and showed greetings.

Choi Seong-hwan, who is facing the final Halla-class decision, will face off in a decisive match with a powerful rival Joo-yong Lee, who made manager Kim Ki-tae decide to retire.

With the previous performance of the two being a 3 to 3 tie, a close match was predicted, and Choi Seong-hwan showed the power of tearing the opponent’s back from the first game and made all the cast members immerse. According to the explanation of Caster, who was on the air, the scene of tearing the sash is a rare scene that you might want to see once in a tournament.

Ahead of the final 3rd round of deciding the game, Choi Seong-hwan suffered from chronic back pain again, and was in crisis with the preemptive attack on the main weapon, the wild badger.

However, Choi Seong-hwan drew attention by showing him confidently winning the Halla business title with the highest difficulty flipping technique that thrilled everyone.

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