Don’t be surprised to watch Netflix on TV! Learn how to use NordVPN Meshnet to break Netflix-ePrice.HK’s “non-resident” restriction

Netflix’s measures to tackle password sharing have already arrived in Hong Kong earlier, but we mentioned in our earlier article that we want to resolve this new Netflix policy. It’s so simple. Mickey on TV! But if you have to use a TV to watch, is there a way to crack it? get! In this article, I’ll share with you NordVPN’s Meshnet function to tackle Netflix’s new policy of cracking down on password sharing! See below!

Netflix’s measures to crack down on non-residents were launched in many countries around the world on May 23, and even reached Hong Kong. You’ve likely received a warning email if you’ve shared your subscriptions outside of your home. Netflix will give you two options, one is to kick your friend out of your account, or pay an additional $28 to add an additional “non-resident” member.

For those who are used to watching Netflix with others sharing an account, these two options are not ideal, but NordVPN has found a solution, which is to use their Meshnet function.


How to connect to a friend’s WiFi via NordVPN?

I think everyone knows that VPN is a security software that is used to simulate people’s IP Address Not only can it help you get better privacy and security, but it also has a function that can help you bypass geographical restrictions and see things that are not The content you watch in your country, such as Netflix, some programs may not be available in Hong Kong, but as long as you use a VPN to connect to the United States, you can watch them.

However, as in this case, Netflix prohibits account sharing, so connecting to servers in other countries is not enough. If you want to continue using a friend’s Netflix account, you need to browse under the same network connection, and in this case you need to use a specific IP.

NordVPN Meshnet allows users to create a network with up to 60 devices connected to the same WiFi at the same time. For teams that work remotely, or like the current Netflix ban on share accounts, there is a service Meshnet is very useful.

Meshnet simply solves the problem that different devices need to be in the same location to get the same WiFi coverage and IP location. Meshnet works by routing the traffic of different devices in the network, which means that not only will everyone be browsing from the same IP Address, but the connection between devices will also be encrypted for better privacy and security.

Enabling this advanced functionality is very simple. After logging into the NordVPN App, go to the Meshnet page and send invitations to other friends who have a shared account with you, or you can connect to your friend’s device in the connection panel. All devices that support the NordVPN app, such as Android TV, can be connected as external devices, although only Windows, macOS and Linux devices can be used as exit nodes, but more operating systems should be available soon.

Meshnet is now free and open to all NordVPN subscribers, making NordVPN more and more users.

How to use-NordVPN-Meshnet-windows (1).jpg

How to apply for NordVPN to play?

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