Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director: A Hilarious Journey of a Useless Young Man

Upcoming Comedy Short Drama “Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director” Brings Laughter and Reflection

Produced by Bilibili, co-produced by Yinghuaism, Dinosaur Films, and Shan Liren, the highly anticipated fantasy light comedy short drama, “Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director,” officially launched today. The story revolves around a young man’s unexpected encounter with the director of Another Dimension Administration, leading him on a hilarious journey of self-discovery within a limited time frame of 24 days.

Portraying the character of Zheng Hao is actor Liu Yang, who effortlessly captures the essence of a disillusioned and directionless youth. Zheng Hao, an otaku who spends his time “fishing at work and lying flat after work,” embodies lost hope and mediocrity. His amusing yoga poses and roller coaster-like confessions are guaranteed to tickle the audience’s funny bone. When faced with the opportunity to change his life’s trajectory, Zheng decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery through talk shows. With lively humor, he shares the joys and sorrows of life, turning laughter into a source of profound meaning. Some netizens have noted Liu Yang’s inclination to talk about talk shows both on stage and in the drama, considering it as a form of actor-character “communication.”

As Liu Yang’s first foray into the realm of acting from comedy, “Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director” showcases his versatility and competence. Through his portrayal of talk show actor Zheng Hao, Liu Yang captivates the audience with his authentic and entertaining depiction of hilarious and nonsensical healing stories. From the early stages of showcasing the character’s vulnerability and emotions to his perseverance in the face of daunting challenges, Liu Yang’s performance resonates with the audience, making them root for this relatable individual navigating a treacherous fate. Though not yet a seasoned actor, Liu Yang’s sincerity and respect for his craft shine through in his genuine expressions and presence before the camera.

Aside from his acting role, Liu Yang is also one of the screenwriters for “Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director.” When discussing his understanding of comedy behind the scenes, Liu Yang emphasizes its organic nature, portraying it as a flower that blooms amidst ordinary and challenging circumstances. In crafting the character of Zheng Hao, Liu drew inspiration from those around him, incorporating their characteristics and daily interactions to achieve the most authentic portrayal possible. Through jokes and humor, he effectively tells the story of life’s struggles while conveying a sense of happiness and enthusiasm to the Generation Z audience. This bold exploration into the field of short dramas marks another milestone in Liu Yang’s career, highlighting his versatility beyond comedy.

“Integration of editing and acting” represents another stage of Liu Yang’s personal growth, reflecting the culmination of years of experience. From humble beginnings in stand-up comedy to notable appearances in various comedy shows and podcasts, such as “The Seventh Season of Strange Flowers” and “Borrowing Zhai,” Liu Yang has established himself as a seasoned comedian. This venture into short dramas represents a new chapter in his multifaceted comedy career, elevating his status from a senior comedian to a potential dark horse actor. As audiences eagerly anticipate Liu Yang’s upcoming performances in “Don’t Become a Watermelon! Director,” they hope to witness more exceptional works from this talented artist who continues to push boundaries and captivate viewers.

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Produced by Bilibili, co-produced by Yinghuaism, Dinosaur Films, and Shan Liren, with Liu Yang, Liu Beast, Bu Guanjin, Boss Shi, Ma Ling, Jiang Sida, Tudou, Xin Zai, etc.Fantasy Light Comedy Short DramaDon’t become a watermelon! director“Officially launching today, the drama tells the hilarious story of a useless young man who accidentally comes into contact with the director of Another Dimension Administration, and is forced to climb to the pinnacle of his life within 24 days.

Liu Yang plays Zheng Hao, a flat-lying young man in the drama, who pursues “the true meaning of life” “fishing at work and lying flat after work” He appears on stage as an older otaku who has to dress in a fat T. , fat pants and big slippers Lying down and never standing up, the essence of the youth in the abandoned house who have lost hope and direction in life is properly grasped. Whether it’s a funny yoga pose or a confessional experience that makes everyone’s mood go up and down like a roller coaster, it makes people laugh. When he met a different-dimensional director who could change the course of his life, he decidedly chose to talk about talk shows to find himself. From the melodramatic “My Mom” ​​​​to the laughable and tearful “I Have a Friend”, Zheng Hao recounts the sweetness and bitterness of life with lively jokes, and considers the audience’s laughter as his own realization of life Power of meaning. Some netizens said that “Liu Yang constantly talks about talk shows whether on stage or in the drama”, but from another point of view, this is not a kind of understanding and “communication” between actors and characters.

“Don’t become a watermelon! Director” is Liu Yang’s first attempt to cross the border from comedian to actor. It is not difficult to see from the trailer and the contents of the first performance that he has submitted a competent answer sheet. Not only because he played the role of a talk show actor Zheng Hao in his true colors, and interpret the joyful and nonsensical healing stories in an interesting and interesting way.This is also his presentation of the character’s indecent state and emotions in the early stage, his silence to his mother after knowing his fate, his rage and his gaffe when he learned that the director he cherishes is not the one who treats each other sincerely like him. imagine it, and his “”Take it slow” and put it away with a smile… These performances beyond his true nature make us feel that he is one of countless ordinary young people, real and ordinary, facing a mammoth fate, he avoids passive and thinking deeply Stand up straight and move forward. He may not be sophisticated and skilled enough for acting, but we can really feel his expression of the characters and respect for the performance and the camera.

In fact, apart from being the main actor of the drama, Liu Yang has another identity, that is the drama – “Don’t Become a Watermelon!” One of Director’s screenwriters. Talking about his understanding of comedy in the film behind the scenes, he said: Comedy is something that happens naturally, and a flower of life that blooms in ordinary and helpless life. When he created the role of Zheng Hao, he incorporated many elements of the people around him into his life. Even the tension between the characters and the daily actions of getting along with each other, he will discover and practice repeatedly in the early stage. to achieve the most ideal presentation effect. Use jokes and humor to tell the background of life, and use unconventional and nonsensical encounters in different dimensions to convey happiness and enthusiasm to the audience of Generation Z. This is another bold adventure for Liu Yang apart from being an actor.

“Integration of editing and acting” is another self-development of Liu Yang, and it is also the inevitable result of years of accumulation. From the small stage of stand-up comedy, to “The Seventh Season of Strange Flowers”, to “Annual Comedy Contest”, and the ace podcast program “Borrowing Zhai” and its upgraded version – the variety show first video podcast “Have a Good Conversation “”, Liu Yang’s comedy road has gone steady and steady, and has blossomed in many fields such as offline, podcast, and variety shows. This new attempt in the field short dramas have opened a new chapter in his multi-comedy department, and let more people know that Liu Yang is not only a senior comedian who has been cultivating for many years, but also a potential actor. A dark horse actor. Looking forward to Liu Yang in “Don’t Become a Watermelon!” “Director” will bring more exciting performances in the next plot, and I hope he will make more efforts on the actor road and bring more excellent works to’ the audience.

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