Don’t burn ghosts! US and Saudi Arabia fight over OPEC Plus oil production cuts US accuses Riyadh of siding with Russia

United States and Saudi Arabia The spat splashed fiercely on Thursday (October 13) over the OPEC Plus decision to cut oil output last week. Washington accused Riyadh of knowing full well that it will increase Russia’s income

The OPEC Plus group is led by Saudi Arabia and has Russia as a member. He has angered Washington by cutting crude output by another 2 million barrels a day. from November onwards This puts additional pressure on the rising price of crude oil.

Saudi Arabia released a rare statement on Thursday, flatly denying allegations that it is choosing sides. While Russia is at war in Ukraine, the White House spokesman, John Kirby, was quick to respond, stating that Riyadh is already aware that “It will increase Russia’s income and undermine the effectiveness of the sanctions.”

US announces a reassessment of relations with Saudi Arabia Since OPEC Plus decided to reduce production It was seen as a diplomatic slap in the face of President Joe Biden.

Despite announcing that he would make Saudi Arabia an international “outsider state” following the murder of prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Biden decided to travel to Saudi Arabia in July, passing by and meeting the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Kirby said OPEC’s decision to cut supply was “moral and military support”. because it opened the way for Putin There was funding to support his war mechanisms. Of course, it brings comfort to Putin. “

The White House spokesman added: “The other OPEC+ countries feel compelled to support Riyadh’s leadership,” accusing Saudi Arabia of arming others to get what they want.

A move to cut OPEC Plus oil production. It happened at a sensitive time for Biden. The Democratic Party faces inconsistent mid-term elections in November. in the middle of high inflation especially energy prices which is the main concern of the voters

Saudi Arabia said in a statement. Reiterating that the OPEC+ decision is purely economic. It also suggested that the Biden administration has asked the group to delay any production cuts until after the November 8 midterm elections.

Biden promised that Saudi Arabia would face “retaliation”, but gave no further details.

Russia is relying on rising oil prices to finance its invasion of Ukraine. and members of the US Congress Some have called on Washington to stop all cooperation with Riyadh.

Kirby said on Thursday (October 13) that the Saudi foreign ministry might deflect the issue. But the simple fact is that the world supports Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia tightened after World War II, giving Riyadh military protection in exchange for American access to its oil.

After facing different crises since then Among them were the horrors of Khashoggi. Relations between the two countries have been restored by former President Donald Trump, who has served only one term. But Riyadh has seen huge arms imports from the US, accounting for a quarter of US arms exports. According to data from the International Peace Research Institute in Stockholm.

To develop new ties, the United States said in August that Saudi Arabia would buy 300 Patriot MIM-104E missile systems capable of carrying long-range and incoming cruise missiles. as well as attack aircraft

Saudi Arabia supports the Yemeni government Yemen’s Houthi rebels face frequent threats from fired rockets. Meanwhile, Iran provided equipment and technology to the rebels.

(Source: AFP)