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Washington ∙ The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is facing obstacles in the war in Ukraine, will use nuclear or chemical weapons. ‘Don’t … don’t … don’t …’ was Biden’s response in the CBS interview. Don’t, don’t, don’t drag this war to a level you haven’t seen since WWII. Biden said they will be more disgusting in front of the world than they are now.

‘You think I’m going to tell you how to react if that happens? Never tell you. But it will have far-reaching consequences. They will be isolated from the world as never before. Our response will depend on what they do’ – Biden responded to a question about whether Putin had overreached in blocking the Ukraine war.



At the moment, Russia is on its knees in many areas in front of the Ukraine, which has established itself on the battlefield with a tireless fighting spirit. When Ukraine retaliates by dominating a ferocious counter-offense, the general view is that Russia will concede defeat or lose. In this situation, the world is anxiously watching what will be the new move of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin is likely to use, including nuclear weapons. It is dangerous for the whole region. Former CIA Director and US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said yesterday that the current military maneuvers are both essential and dangerous.

English Summary: Biden warns Putin against using chemical or nuclear weapons in Russia-Ukraine War

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