“Don’t lose to Corona!” Support video given to Mone Kamishiraishi, younger sister Moka and her alma mater | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

In March 2020, Mone Kamishiraishi took part in the final shooting of “An Incurable Case of Love” in Saitama Prefecture.

“The fact that the numbers are good even in the typical” romantic comedy x spokon “content is the power of the leading role.”

A TV station official said that the drama “Oh!” Starring Mone Kamishiraishi (23). My boss! Koi is a separate volume ”(TBS series). This work keeps the audience rating of each episode exceeding 10% up to 6 episodes that have already been broadcast. In 2020, “Koi wa Tsuruyo Dokodemo” (TBS series), which co-starred with Takeru Sato (31), recorded over 15% in the final episode, and she is now a young “queen of audience ratings”.

“In addition, in the NHK TV series that will start in the fall of 2021, we will play one of the three heroines. The next morning, the appearance of our sister, Moka Kamishiraishi (20), will be announced as a” sister relay. ” It’s a topic “(TV magazine writer)

Mone is also the MC of the variety show “World Comparison” (TBS series), and appears in the role of Satsuma feudal lord’s daughter Atsushi in the currently airing taiga drama “Seiten wo Tsukete”. Work continues without.

“The reason why various offers continue is because they have a friendly personality and they are very good at the scene. They are close friends with Nanao (32) who co-stars in this drama, and the staff at the scene are like sisters. It seems that he is loved by people “(entertainment official)

The unpretentious appearance is the same in private.

“Mone, who attended a school in Tokyo from high school, had visited the school festival at her alma mater after graduation. Maybe she came here with the intention of” a little, that’s it … ” However, at that time, immediately after the release of the 2016 movie “Your Name.”, Mone, who was the leading voice actor, was a “person of time,” and I remember the students getting excited. ” (Alumni of the same high school)

Sister Moka plays the role of Hideko Maehata in the 2019 Taiga drama “Idaten”

The Kamishiraishi sisters made their debut in the wake of the 2011 Toho Cinderella Audition. At that time, 10-year-old sister Moka won the grand prix of the audition, and 12-year-old Mone also won the special jury prize. At the beginning of her debut, her sisters went to Tokyo from their hometown of Kagoshima every time they worked.

“Even after the audition, I’ve seen sisters and mothers shopping in harmony at a nearby shopping center. In fact, the area where the Kamishiraishi family is located has produced many entertainers, and Yuki Kashiwagi of AKB48. (29) and Rosa Kato (35) are in the same junior high school as Mone-chan. ”(Neighborhood residents of the Kamishiraishi family)

There was also an episode in which a strong love for hometown was felt. Kagoshima City Kotokuji Elementary School, where the sisters graduated in November 2020, was celebrating its 30th anniversary. However, the world is a new type of corona. Most of the children watched the video of the ceremony in the classroom.

“There, a video message by Mone and Moka sisters was played. Suddenly, I heard that the children were surprised but overjoyed. I think it was a surprise because of the new Corona. Masu “(Guardian of Kotokuji Elementary School)

This sincerity will lead to work.

* Audience rating is based on video research in the Kanto area (as of February 23)

(Weekly FLASH March 9th, 2021)


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