Don’t miss it! 5 recommended high school Chinese dramas in 2023. Cute, bright, heart-warming!

Don’t miss it! 5 Recommended High School Chinese Dramas in 2023 Every Story Is Worth Watching On a hot holiday, I don’t know where to go, so I’d rather stay at home and watch series. Both stories have already been broadcast and are preparing to be released soon. But will there be any stories to follow? Let’s go and see!

High school Chinese series, no matter how many years have passed, are always popular. because of Phra-Nang’s cute school uniform outfits chemistry that matches Watching it reminds me of school-age love. Why didn’t I meet handsome older people when I was studying? but it’s okay Although we didn’t have any sweet little moments during our school days. But we can still be satisfied with the pillow with the series. as if she were the heroine in the series Today, we collect up to 5 things to watch. Get ready to be satisfied for a long time all year long!

  • The Comic Bang: Ping loves Mr [2022]
The Comic Bang - Ping Rak Author Mr

The first Chinese high school series introduced in 2023 is The Comic Bang, under the Chinese name 开画少女漫, a series adapted from a Japanese manga. The story began when Liu Ye Qi play by Wang Jingxuan [Wang Jingxuan] 2nd year student of the Department of Mathematics having a quiet personality You can call it selfless. He has the dream of becoming a professional manga artist But he still doesn’t have much understanding about how to draw a female manga. But then one day he meets a woman who secretly likes him. Zuo Qian Tai play by Shen Yue [Shen Yue] After failing to confess his love, Ye Qi pulls Qian Dai to join his manga team. And since then, Ye Qi has been more and more inspired by Qian Tai to draw manga. The two developed a relationship for the better. Overcome many obstacles to follow your dreams. a love and friendship story not to be missed This story about the monk-woman couple is very cute, I recommend it! It is expected that there will be a total of 36 episodes. You can watch them through iQIYI.

Recommended Chinese High School Series in 2023 - The Comic Bang - Love You Writer

series example

  • Promise in the Summer [2023]
Promise in Summer - Summer is a sweet promise

Summer Promise, which uses the Chinese name 初夏的甜蜜约定, is a 24-episode miniseries. Han Shi Lu play by Ma Hao Dong [Ma Haodong] It is a strange disease that the opposite sex cannot approach. But then there was an event that changed his life when he met Unsuck play by Liu Nian [Liu Nian] Break into Shi Lu’s house and find out the truth about a strange disease that happened to him. What will the whole next story be like? We have to wait and see soon. Hope to see Thai subtitles soon. Which is now on air on WeTV China. The story is very fun to follow.

Recommended high school Chinese series in 2023 - Promise in Summer - Summer is a sweet promise.

series example

  • Bright Time [2021]
Bright Time - a bright moment

Bright Time using the Chinese name 芥子时光 This story is very proud to be presented as a male friendship series with 35 episodes. Lan Jinghui play by Hao Fushen [Hao Fushen] placed at the bottom of the class, and Ling Tong play by Biancheng [Bian Cheng] First place in the year’s class They are both cousins, but they have completely different personalities and preferences. The two had to overcome obstacles and pressures together. both want to study family problems It’s a youth style series that you can watch over and over again without getting bored. You can watch it on mango tv.

Recommended High School Chinese Series in 2023 - Shining Time - Shining Time

Mustard Seed Time Film Flower – Video @芝子时光官微 – Video – Weibo (

  • Exclusive Fairytale, a lovely fairy tale [2023]
Unique Fairy Tale - A lovely fairy tale

Exclusive Fairytale, a lovely fairy tale Using the Chinese name 独家童话 is a romantic Chinese series. tells about the relationship between Ling Chao play by Wen Junhui [Wen Junhui] a Xiao Tu play by Zhang Miaoyi [Zhang Miaoyi] The two grew up together as rivals since childhood. Ling Chao was a determined and hardworking person. Everything he does has to be perfect. From birth, he knew that his mother liked women. So it always develops itself. And with his parents not having much time for their family So, he has a personality that is older than his age, polite and mature. He only has one friend, Xiao Tu. as they start to grow up Will their friendship turn into love or not? Have to wait and follow

Unique Fairy Tale - A lovely fairy tale
  • Until Our Ten Years, our ten years are not forgotten. [2021]
To our Ten Years - Our ten years are unforgettable.

Until Our Ten Years, our ten years are not forgotten. Using the Chinese name 十年一品温如言, there are a total of 40 chapters. The story tells about the four heirs of the city: Wen Clan, Wen Shiguan, Yan Clan, Yanxi Clan, Lu Clan, Luliun Clan, and Xin Xi Clan The four Nan Dayi have been good friends since childhood, but now Wenheng play by Yang Sizhi [Yang Xizi] The youngest daughter of the White family was sent to a small town to recover from her illness. After 10 years have passed. Yan Xi play by Zeyuan Sun [Sun Zeyuan] She fell in love with Wen Heng at first sight. The two developed a relationship that even started at the same university. and after graduating, he started his own business But then the story turns when there is competition in business. A friendship has broken down. What will be the next story? You must follow each other.

To our Ten Years - Our ten years are unforgettable.

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