Don’t miss it! The house interest is very cheap during the first year Gold Record, only 0.69% in the 2nd Variety Home Virtual Fair from Bank of Thailand.

Government Housing Bank (GSB) is organizing a special promotion at the Variety Home Virtual Fair, the 2nd online housing and finance exhibition by GH Bank, which offers online virtual financial services through its website. Between 21-25 September 65 to reward customers on the occasion of a special 69th birthday!! On September 25, 65, meet during a LIVE EVENT on the Government Housing Bank Facebook Fan page between 14.00-16.30 to keep the bank’s special interest rate, divided into Golden Minute savings, deposit interest is 3.00 % per year. 2.30-14.45 hours, only 100 items, no more than 500,000 baht per person, second-hand house keeping, GH Bank, cheap and good houses, one minute, special price for 10 houses from 3.00-15.30 hours and home loans continue .2 Golden Minute Period, receive low interest 1st year, equal to MRR-5.46%, or equal to 0.69% per year, only 1.69% on average for the first 3 years, limited limit Pre-order Time reserve 4.00-16.10 hours For more information, contact the GH Bank Call Center on 0-2645-9000, Facebook Fanpage, Banc Tai r Goverder. or follow the Bank’s news and information at Application: GHB ALL and GHB Buddy on the Application Line

Source: Government Housing Bank

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