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Don’t panic when a circle pattern appears on your tongue: most of them are benign “map tongues”-News-Free Health Network

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Lack of vitamins, hormonal changes, or too much pressure may cause a map tongue, but the doctor reminds that if the tongue is abnormally painful, oral ulcers or lumps, you should consult a doctor to see if you have cancer; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from the freepik website)

By Fan Leyuan

An 80-year-old woman recently found her tongue circled round and round. She was worried about whether she had tongue cancer, so she went to the ENT clinic for treatment. After examination, the doctor told her: “This is a map tongue, not tongue cancer. Don’t worry.”

Another 4-year-old girl also had her tongue round and round, and was brought to the clinic by her mother. The doctor asked, “This phenomenon has been around for a long time, or did it happen recently?” Mom replied, “It happened recently.” Then the doctor asked, “How is she eating recently? Is it better to eat?” Mom said “Yeah! She has pain because she bit her tongue, so she doesn’t like to eat recently.”

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Don’t panic when the tongue is sloppy. It may be a map tongue caused by an imbalance in diet and nutrition. (Provided by Dr. Fan Leyuan)

Map tongue is not contagious

The map tongue, as its name implies, is a map-like pattern on the tongue. There are smooth red patches on the tongue of the patient, surrounded by white borders. These patches may change position or shape over time.

The red part is smoother because it lacks the original small papillae on the tongue. The small papillae cover the tongue to protect the tongue, and some have a taste function.

The map tongue is not harmful to the human body, will not cause long-term health problems, and will not be contagious. It can happen in all age groups.

7 causes of map tongue

●Vitamin deficiency: Lack of zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 may lead to tongue tongue. Children with insufficient nutrition intake for the elderly and children with partial eclipse should pay attention to it.

● Hormonal changes: such as the use of oral contraceptives.

●Patients with psoriasis or reactive arthritis are more likely to have a map tongue.

●Some people are genetically related, you can ask family members if they have similar situations.

●Diabetes: Especially patients with type 1 diabetes are prone to map tongue.

●Allergies: People with eczema, hay fever, or other allergies are more likely to develop map tongue.

●Emotional stress

A few cases have burning or tingling after eating

Most people have no symptoms, and only a few people feel burning or slight tingling, especially when eating. This discomfort is usually mild. It may last for several weeks to several years.

Unusual tongue pain still needs medical attention

If you cannot tell whether it is a map tongue, there is abnormal pain, oral ulcers or lumps, or you should be careful about the possibility of tongue cancer, it is recommended to see a doctor for detailed examination.

Map tongue needs to pay attention to nutritional balance

Because the map tongue does not cause harm, it can be treated without treatment, but you must pay attention to a balanced diet and compensate for nutrients.

If you have burning or pain, it is recommended to reduce irritating foods, such as hot or sour and spicy foods; quitting smoking can also reduce tongue irritation.

Sometimes doctors will prescribe antihistamines or anti-inflammatory painkillers to relieve symptoms. (The author is the attending physician and deputy dean of Shicheng Otolaryngology Clinic)

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