Don’t rely on fuel tonight. Tomorrow, the gasoline group is adjusted down 0.30 satang.

according to the price of oil Adjust as follows.

The price of gasoline fell to 42.16 (-0.30 satang)

Gasoline Super Power 95 fell to 40.24 (-0.30 satang)

Gasohol 95 fell to 35.75 (-0.30 satang)

The price of Gasohol 91 fell to 34.48 (-0.30 satang)

E20 reduced the price to 33.04 (-0.30 satang).

The price of E85 fell to 32.34 (-0.15 satang).

Check that the oil is ready, don’t let it run out first. Who hasn’t added Wait until tomorrow morning to fill them.

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