Don’t worry about that video coming out, I did what everyone else is doing: Priya Warrier

Kochi: Priya Warrier is a young actress who made a name for herself with her debut film ‘Oru Adar Love’. The actor is active in social media as well as in films. All the videos and pictures that Priya Warrier shares on social media go viral instantly. Although the pictures of the very glamorous star have many fans, the number of critics of the star is not less.

Now, Priya Warrier says that the video of her drinking doesn’t bother her at all. The actor explained in an interview that he went to drink for the first time after telling his father and that his family gave him so much freedom.

Priya Warrier’s words are as follows;

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I haven’t tensed that the video of me drinking toddy has come out. It was taken in Bangalore. I was drinking in that video. I have done what everyone else is doing. But the problem is that I am a public figure now.
My mother laughed at that video. My father only asked why he was using bad words. Nothing else was said.

I went drinking for the first time after telling my father.
Family has given me so much freedom. If it doesn’t matter to those I have to answer, then nothing else matters to me. Priya Warrier also added that she has seen a lot of positive comments on that video.

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